You should read into Johnson’s impeachment, and the number of times it was also voted down by Radical Republucans. The parallel stands because Democrats had to vote it down, because members of the caucus introduced those to the House.

Of course, to those who want to present a talking point, this matters not. Nor does it matter that most Democrats were not for impeachment at that moment, just like most Radical Republicans were not either, until they were.

Some of us are beyond the talking points and look at these things in the totality. In the history of this period…those attempts by a minority of the caucus will be noted…perhaps in the same way as Johnson’s, a crescendo that ultimately led to an impeachment.

In this case the actions of the president led to it. His twitter feed is good evidence, etcetera. So is the classification of the memo…and a few others. In my view, emoluments should have been an article as well. And bribery should have been spelled out, not just heavily implied.

IMHO this will do great damage to the GOP in November, but time will tell. It has to do with some of the things I am hearing. However, in very short term expect “lone wolves” due to the very clear stochastic terrorism from certain quarters, including the White House.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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