Why is the Russian Resistance Using Kinetic Action?

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readJan 20, 2023

If you were wondering why the Russian resistance has turned to partisan actions alone in the rail system, I came across a new channel today. So will share some of the stories of people who chose less radical action.

Let’s be clear. This was no surprise. But finding some of these channels at times is luck. So it was a referral from another channel. So here is the first one. incidentally the photos are all via telegram, but they help paint a picture better than I can:

In St. Petersburg, the court refused to change the preventive measure of the artist Alexandra Skochilenko, accused of spreading “fake stories” about the army, from being in a pre-trial detention center to house arrest

Skochilenko’s defense asked to change the preventive measure due to the deteriorating health of the client. The consuls of Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway came to the court to support Skochilenko.

The case of “fake” about the army against a Petersburger was initiated after an anti-war action: Sasha changed price tags in stores for stickers with short messages about the war in Ukraine. She faces up to 10 years in prison. The court began considering the Skochilenko case on December 15 last year.

She is an artist. In authoritarian spaces, this is a hard thing to do. Some manage and create art that helps the state. At times they do precisely what they are told. But for many artists, it’s not conducive to art.

Now, what she did was something Americans have done in wartime. I still remember people tagging books and supermarket shelves in 2003. No, not everybody was behind the Second Gulf War. Nobody faced ten years in jail.

Mind you, prison colonies in Russia make some of our prisons look gentle in comparison, which is saying something. Then there is this next story. It speaks of the efficiency, or lack of it, of the military system:

30 mobilized temporarily unfit for service lived in Omsk for three months. They began to be released only after a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office

Those mobilized from Krasnoyarsk stayed illegally in the military unit of Omsk for more than three months. They were declared unfit for service, but the military…



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