What is Next? Ukraine

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readFeb 28, 2022
Knocked out Russian Main Battle Tank, photo via telegram

There is one significant update that belongs here since it indicates things are accelerating inside Russia. Realize, it takes a lot to stand to a tyrant, and at this point, this is exactly what Putin is. This tells me that the power structure is losing control and things are starting to accelerate.

Do I need to remind people of the Soviets early in the revolution?

First, Russian banks have been cut from SWIFT. This is an economic bomb going off. Most importantly, the Russian military is having no end of trouble with its tactical and strategic goals.

In translation, they have not been able to capture major cities. This was in the early to do list. At the moment there are emerging reports of a logistics train that completely failed. There are rumors of mass surrenders, however until confirmed, just rumors.

We do know some Russians are now prisoners of war. There have been some Ukrainian troops as well. However, the Ukrainian forces are causing far more casualties than taking them.

The west is acting in a unified manner. Not only are Ukrainians getting supplied, but the Russian economy is about to collapse.


There is a slew of rumors floating all across the twitter space. Some are crazier than others. A few points to how bad things are getting.

There are a few categories to them.

The first is of suicides at places like Gasprom, the Russian state-owned company. Whether people high up have committed suicide, or not, is beside the point. The fact that these are swirling is significant. These people are connected to the state.

The second is about the army. There are rumors that troops mutinied on the way to Ukraine. These were the contract soldiers, which essentially are the professional troops. They also forced conscripts to sign these contracts before they went poof as far as the families are concerned.

However, this is exactly how the Russian Revolution of 1917 started, when the Tsar lost the military. So if this is the case, Putin is losing control of a…

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