We have Terrorists in our Midst

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Poway Chabad Shooting, personal collection

What happened over the last two weekends is shocking. People died when three young men decided to take matters into their own hands. They believe in the theory of accelerationism that started with the Turner Diaries. The more a few of these men act, the closer we are to a revolution.

However, this is not normal though. So a lot of Americans are trying to justify what happened, by at times repeating words that curry favor with the right. Also, the idea that we have internal terrorists, who happen to be white, makes us very uncomfortable. In fact, if you want to anger Americans, just use the word racist and you will do it.

I understand this need to cope. I also get it, it is easier to explain this through the mirror of mental health, or somehow a person is broken. It avoids the main issue, we have a society that has produced the conditions for this. We have now terrorists living in our midst.

These terrorists are planning attacks as I type, they are plotting on how to take their war against the other to fruition. They believe that they need their own nation, and will do anything to get it. This includes an internal terrorist campaign.

If we were talking of a Muslim man attacking El Paso, many a white man would be screaming about bombing yet another country. If this was an immigrant from Latin America, we are to the point that perhaps we would see internment camps. (Oh wait, we already do have those, never mind.)

White nationalism is a problem, in fact, a crisis. We have a domestic terrorism campaign. These people are not making secret what they want. As I have posted in the past, they post a lot of this discussion at armpits of the internet where it’s easy to follow, if hardly pleasant.

When people start to rationalize their actions, it is because terrorism is doing what it does. Fear is powerful, and we need to make sense of it. Why we want to make these young men, and it is mostly young men, into the other. In the United States being “broken” is a way to make them outsiders to the culture. It is familiar since we have done this for some time. It is also otherizing the movement.

It avoids the necessary confrontation. We need to be aware of what this movement is and deal with fear. We need to call these people what they are: TERRORISTS. They are not outsiders, they are not the other, they are not broken, they are not any of the myriads of excuses. They are terrorists.

This is the first step we need to take as a society. We need to admit to ourselves where we are. We have terrorists in our midst.

First, continue living your life. Terrorists want to change how you live, where you go and how you spend your time. Not going to the movies, stores, restaurants, and other public spaces is a victory for them.

I know it’s tempting to just go into our shells. It’s also frightening to realize that you may be a target. It’s not easy to come to terms with this. However, we are hardly the first country with an internal terrorism problem. Statistically, you are still less likely to die from one of these attacks than driving.

But it is scary out there. There are things you can do to gain some agency and empower yourself.

We need to be aware of our surroundings in open spaces. This is actually not a bad idea. It never has been something uncalled for.

There are some things that have changed. Military veterans, or those who come from war zones, will have an easier time with this.

In case of a mass, shooter remember: Flee, hide, fight. If you have an open way to run, do so. However, be aware of cover and concealment and use it.

If you need to hide in an open space look for cover. Not all cover is made the same. Cinder block walls are better than wooden walls. Any walk is better than none. And it can allow you to move away without being a target.

Think cars, older cars, and trucks tend to be better than new ones. Not staying is best, but when you get to a new place, survey the area for potential cover.

Fighting back is the last possible response and last gasp.

Take a first aid course and learn how to use a tourniquet. This is not a bad idea regardless. But be aware that if called to, you may need to improvise one. Learn how to, the life it may save us yours or a loved one. And it is not just from bullets flying through anywhere.

You need to continue living your life. The worst thing we can do is let them win. And whatever you do, don’t let others excuse this with mental health, video games, deep state or lack of prayer. These people are terrorists. They need to be treated and thought off in that precise way. Anytime anybody goes but… use the T word, Enough is enough.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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