We graduate to Aggressive Direct Action

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readNov 22, 2023

I am quite the critic of far-right violence. I expect “lone wolf attacks” at this point because that’s what some of those radicals want. Today, it’s not about them. Today, it is about the pro-Palestinian oppressed, an oppressor ideologically unable to see beyond black and white youth.

Some decided to make a collection of Jewish businesses and institutions in the northeast of the United States. Some have direct links to Israel. They called for direct action, which is code, usually, to make an ass of yourself. In this category is blocking the bay bridge or becoming a nuisance outside a fundraiser attended by the vice president.

Both are fine and are exactly that—annoying, yes, damaging, no. Ok, the latter had some fake blood on the drive-through, so it was a little more than annoying. This is the arrest notice and photos of three people who seem to be graduating to where the weathermen were early on before they started bombing places and robbing banks.

Of note, these young adults used an incendiary device on their target. They had more on them. This is not precisely useful to the cause. They are mere, well-connected hooligans. They will face consequences for this. And the best part is that they need to do something to benefit their cause.

If anything, at this point, it’s turning people against the “far left.” So here are some consequences for this. First off, politics is changing. But also demands on education.

The apparent first order is to deal with a higher education system where this rigid black-and-white thinking occurs. Colleges are starting to feel the heat as both individuals and institutions stop funding programs where this is happening. However, it’s also critical to stop donations from authoritarian spaces:

From 2015–2020, institutions that accepted money from Middle Eastern donors had, on average, 300 percent more antisemitic incidents than those institutions that did not.
From 2015–2020, institutions that accepted undisclosed funds from authoritarian donors had, on average, 250 percent more antisemitic incidents than those institutions that did not.



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