Trump’s Descent Into Madness and Congress

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What we are living through has a Shakespearean tone to it. Specifically I am talking of King Lear. In the end, the king goes mad. And like the king, Donald Trump is increasingly unhinged which is to say something, because none of this administration has been anywhere close to normal. However, this is not just limited to the presidency any longer. We are talking of Congress as well.

Where is the House? I know there is a pandemic, but they should be very publically demanding the information about an internal terrorist threat to the country. I suspect, because the FBI has failed to find it, that Antifa is code for Trump’s insecurity. But the House should be holding hearings right now, with the FBI Director, demanding what the hell is going on?

In the meantime, we have a president who keeps signaling to his followers about far left threats to the country, including the dreaded Antifa, which is not that well organized. Antifa was one of the groups that tried, not successfully, to prevent the rise of Adolph Hitler. Why Antifa? Well, when you declare a mostly non-existent organization, in any standard way, a threat, it’s easy to keep the illusion going. You are never going to catch a ghost. So you keep mentioning the ghost, and blaming the ghost for the problems.

Trump is acting like Lear in that respect, seeing shadows and enemies behind every shadow. And he is also signaling to his base. Congress, and we know about COVID, should be holding hearings like right now. If the rest of the country can stand up to the creeping police state, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should be convening the House.

It’s time to show more leadership than just picking a Bible and reading from it. Yes, we know you know how to read Madam Speaker, and I was not surprised (that much) that you do own a Bible and know your way around it. That was a nice political stunt, that will buy you zero brownies points with the fundamentalist right. They consider you the enemy since you are Catholic. Don’t worry, we share that with them. We are both the enemy.

Here are some questions to ask…not that I fully expect you to follow the advice of a mere cog in the machine.

Who are the Bugaloo Bois and why do we keep seeing photos of them armed around these demonstrations? Why is it that the police tend to leave them alone?

Who are the Proud Boys, and why do we keep seeing them getting into fights with peaceful protesters?

Why did police forces stand back as armed militias took over statehouses? Why were demonstrators allowed to peacefully protest over masks and the economy, while people protesting police brutality are well, brutalized by those same police forces?

Why is it that State Attorney General refuses to investigate this? Yes, I asked my AG to do so, but he said that this is something the same department should look into. I am sure I am missing something here. Perhaps you can explain how we can expect police departments to look into their own internal corrupt policies. This is one reason why people are angry incidentally.

You should also consider holding funding from agencies that are facilitating the road to a totalitarian state. Those of us who have bothered with history know exactly what this looks like. And right now, it looks exactly as if the nation is on the edge of a police state where Congress will become a subservient branch, filled with sycophants to dear leader, and will do whatever the mad king tells them to do.

As to King Lear, it is time to drag every member of his administration before relevant committees. It is also time to consider reforming the Church Committee to rebalance the power of the presidency with the other three branches. It’s not like we need a Cold War imperial presidency. The empire is dead, and it will be time to pull back the troops from all over the world to rebuild the nation and our very tattered democracy.

Come out and say something. Take to the airwaves, and be a leader. If you can’t, step down and let somebody else become Speaker. Because right now, your silence is indeed consent.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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