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it’s clear, the President needs violence to be re-elected. This is now clear. It’s not just a good thing to distract middle-class whites from COVID, but also is a southern strategy. He has no interest in any racial reconciliation. He does not believe there is a problem, because Donald Trump is either a white supremacist or a fellow traveler. The nation he wants to go back is that of the 1950s, before the crucial 1965 double whammy. The first was the civil rights act, and the second was immigration reform. This race war environment favors him. Or at least he believes this.

This is why he speaks of Joe Biden’s America as a dystopia bordering on a cultural revolution. Why he also encourages militias to continue to engage in violence and threats of violence. Why he also attacks the press because they have portrayed most protests as peaceful. This is factual. But in Trump’s America an honest press would be one to follow the leader, a controlled media. These are both markers of fascism, that continues to creep in.

We know because the president wants to transform American education as well, into one where people are taught to love the country. It is one where things like the 1619 project would be ignored, if not outright buried. In this white Christian nation, constitutional protections would only be afforded to white Christian males. This is the triumph of the will that Nazi Germany also relied on. It is a way to redirect the press from the pandemic.

Then there is this lovely conspiracy from the chaos president: “A person was on a plane, said there were about 6 people like that person, more or less, and what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, rioters, people looking for trouble. The person felt very uncomfortable on the plane.” He is literally telling us that people are going from place ot place to riot and commit mayhem. There is a grain of truth here. We know some of his supporters are doing this, using trucks. We even saw some in Portland this weekend, firing pepper balls at civilians. He has no problem with this because that means people will blame their Democratic mayors for it.

This is part of an electoral strategy. Republicans have otherized Democrats for decades. This is taking this to a new level. The president claims that it is because of bad governance that these cities are going to hell and a handbasket. He is also trying to convince suburban voters to go back to his party. He knows that women, in particular, have left the GOP. This is the voting block that cost Republicans dearly in 2018. So there is an effort to create chaos and confusion and drive these people back to the fold. Why Trump keeps saying that he alone can protect the suburbs and the American way of life. In his mind, this is a white America, where Blacks and Latinos are kept on the right side of the tracks.

Trump has a history of this. As a landlord, he was fined for violating American law. This matters, since he got his start by denying housing to Blacks. Then we had the Central Park Five, for which he has never apologized. Chaos, pain, and hate is ready-made for him to consolidate power, perhaps in a more permanent fashion. This is why he supports vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.

The president knows the virus is killing tens of thousands of Americans. Why he has embraced another conspiracy. The numbers of people who have died from the virus are inflated you see. If anything the diagnosis is lower than the true number of infections. We see it in the excess deaths that have been recorded. This is why the president wants less testing. He needs all this to prove that COVID is over. If people are afraid of COVID, they will still not go out and consume. They will also blame him, and if there is anything Trump cannot do, is accept responsibility for anything. This is classic strong man behavior, “I am the state but look over there for my errors.” This is exactly where we are.

Then we come to the CDC and a future vaccine. We have several vaccine candidates in phase three testing. A couple of these vaccines are using novel technologies, which makes phase three testing even more critical. The human body cannot be rushed in making antibodies ensuring that it works, and it is safe. However, Trump wants to emulate Vladimir Putin and have these available before the election using emergency authorizations. This is not medical science, this is politics. He also watched Vladimir Putin do that in Russia. The few independent polls in Russia show deep distrust of this vaccine with the Russian people. We can expect something similar in the US. As is, we already have a pretty healthy group of people who do not trust vaccines or big pharma.

Warp Speed is not precisely something that suggests that corners will not get cut. The name of the program was a bad choice. I suspect this was not accidental, and it was Trump doing this. Trump is relying on a dark message for the country, He is portraying the future as the present dystopia, while not taking responsibility for any of the present.

So if you were wondering why would the president condemn ANTIFA, and the Thugs, who are taking planes (another conspiracy) apparently, but not his base…he needs this violence. He needs this to be reelected. This is strong man 101, and while Trump is not a student of history, he has internalized this. Whether this is instinctive or not is beside the point. He will continue to promote the violence from militias because they want the air of a civil war. He is letting loose forces that are very dangerous. If he loses, they will be there for him as well.

There are ways to fight this. The first is that Americans have to get over the propaganda. There are forces, both internal and external that seek to divide the country. We are heading straight to civil war unless we overcome these forces. I wrote about this many years ago since no civil war starts all of a sudden. People like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones have been at this for decades. It is time for Americans to realize what is happening.

Yes, the Russians are involved in a campaign of active measures. There is no doubt about this. But hybrid warfare works only if there is a fertile ground, and currently, there is. We cannot expect the president to condemn the violence. He needs it. It’s his last chance. So we need to be aware of this and reject it. We need to also reject the conspiracies that have taken hold around the land.

As to protesting. We should expect patriot groups and other militias to continue to do what they do. They seek to provoke because it is obvious that they want violence. For them, this is the exected civil war. They are looking forward to it. They have used a lot of code around it, like the Boogaloo, but it is a war they seek. Partly these are people who dress in Tacticool, who have never served and still believe war is glorious. It’s not. They also believe they are protecting the United States, and the Constitution. They are not. Let me be clear about it. Many of them love the president. But they also do not realize he is destroying the constitution. They also believe he will protect their second amendment rights, while in reality, he is using them. If Trump loses, they are not going anywhere.

I am going to suggest this because we have seen this in other countries. It is powerful, and it is effective. I like what people are doing in Tel Aviv and Ankara, with people standing in silence holding a phone or candles, socially distanced. It will make any infiltrator to any protest obvious. But it will also prove to be a way to protest that will also make the police less able to do a thing. Protests need to short circuit those who want to use them for violent acts. One more thing. A lesson from the 1960s is also relevant here. Dress in your Sunday best, and offer no resistance. Live what John Lewis did, and embrace truly non-violence.

If people patrol around in tacticool, as it happened in Kenosha, Portland or Santee, meet the provocation with utter silence or just leave. There is something called the morally superior ground, and absolute non-violence is precisely that. It is time to look for ways to short circuit what both the police and the right-wing militia groups are doing. Oh, and absolutely avoid any of this at night. Why? Well, we have also seen the pattern when marches become more violent at night, and you really cannot tell who is who in the dark.

I am speaking purely as a historian. These street battles only help Trump, he needs them, It is time to find a way out of them, and disarm these using the morally superior plane of existence. If the American people perceive these as peaceful events, with repression from the state they will embrace them.Think of dogs biting peaceful protesters in the early 1960s. If they buy into the thug behavior, whether it happens or not is beside the point, they will embrace the state, and by extension the law and order president. This is what happened in 1968. Let me be clear about this, Kellyann Conway even gave the game away the other day. She stated that “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order.”

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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