There have been rumors, innuendos, and questions for over two years. Is the President of the United States compromised by a foreign power? And while Max Boot has an extraordinary summary of this case at the Washington Post, I would like to examine what I see. My question is not a legal one. Nor is this based on what we hear, but rather on what is happening in the country.

Trump is acting in ways that weaken the US. This is clear now in ways that were not even six months ago. Whether he is a useful idiot or acting on behalf of a foreign power, it is immaterial. The results are the same.

Not only is the President hell bent on dividing the country, but his actions are also putting all of us at risk. so let’s explain some of his actions.

The Shutdown

The quarter of the government targeted is comprised of front line national security agencies. It is not just the TSA, and we are seeing the effects at airports already. This ranges from Houston to Miami, Atlanta and Palm Springs that we know off. As more workers call in sick, this will spread.

It is hurting the public with long delays at checkpoints. But it is also degrading morale and airport security. It may not be as effective, or intrusive, like other nations. But it is inciting attacks and breaches.

It is not just TSA. All agencies targeted are frontline national security agencies. They are all involved in counterintelligence, law enforcement, and border security. When the Border Patrol is not getting paid, but we pretend this is about border security, there is a massive disconnect. or there is an intent to create chaos and weaken the country.

Other agencies involved are the FBI and other custom enforcement agencies. In short, all of the Department of Homeland Security is working, but not getting paid. This includes the United States Coast Guard.

The Secret Service is also not getting paid. There is a chance the Marines will have to take over the protective detail, as agents lose clearances needed to do their jobs. Fun fact, in the 20th century, early on, it was the Marines job.

But there is more…

The FDA is also working, or furloughed. So there are two things put at risk:

Food safety: With fewer inspections, or no inspections, we may be facing more food issues. You thought lettuce and ground meat were fun last year? Just wait.

Public health: Same scenario. A lot of the monitoring needed is not happening. And we had a serious outbreak, spinning up a response without data…will be hard to do.

This is creating havoc, no other way to say it.

Not only is TSA shutting down checkpoints but air traffic controllers are also working without pay. This is stressing the system.

The Internal Revenue Service May force workers to process your taxes, without pay. This is for you not to notice, as much. This will create even more stress on workers who will not qualify for unemployment. And it is not just the domestic side

Foreign affairs

The President has surrendered Syria to Russia, and Iran, by withdrawing troops. He is also threatening Turkey (a NATO member.)

His meeting in Helsinki was one were Putin dominated. He also has destroyed notes and swore a translator to secrecy. The same happened at other meetings. Against the National Records Act, he is not preserving material. He is not briefing his senior staff. He seems more and more like a Russian asset.

The trade wars are weakening our position in the world. He keeps attacking Mexico, in racist ways.

For a second let’s say the president truly does not understand how this looks like he is working for Russia. Sure, he is that unaware. If we are to be kind, President Donald Trump is the classic definition of the Useful idiot. However, he is weakening the country. He is opening us for an attack, and he is destabilizing the nation. These are not the actions of a useful idiot. These are purposeful, and he is putting us at risk.

Written by

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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