Trump Can’t Deal with this Loss

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readNov 6, 2020

President Donald Trump has always been a winner. Only losers can lose. This is why he will have a hell of a time conceding the election. He is also a man who not only loves conspiracies but has come with a few of his own. This is why his statements that the presidency is getting stolen from him should surprise no-one. The grievances that the vote count is somehow fraud is not shocking. That he is activating the conspiracy-minded base, who are protesting (with weapons) is not shocking.

Some of us expected this. Michael Cohen warned the Congress that this was coming. His niece Mary has explained the psychology at play. Donald Trump is not capable of admitting defeat because he is not a loser. It is simply not his makeup

As I wrote last week we are entering the most dangerous phase of this presidency. There will be violence because there already is. Chiefly, while Republicans did very well, they are still afraid of Trump. It’s very difficult to break away from a sociopath. I get it. But Lindsey Graham suggesting that we need alternate slates of electors to ensure the re-election is bonkers.

keeping the dying flame alive by claiming there was outright fraud (vote counting is not fraud) is dangerous. It is activating the proud boys and another sundry of groups. They are acting like very colorful Brown Shirts.

The Country is Utterly Divided

As I wrote the other day, this is not a south v north divide. This is a rural v urban split. We live in two countries, at each other’s throats. We are in the midst of a cold civil war that only needs a spark because we have plenty of gas. We also have organized militias, who have already taken to the field. The president has been inciting them because they are likely his last hope. No, it’s not the courts. And some have already responded.

The majority of the nation lives in metros, not in the countryside. These metros are forward-looking and younger. They are also incredibly diverse. This is precisely what rural America fears. This is what they see as corrupt and godless. These are places where lots of people live next to each other, share meals, cuisines, and diverse cultures. All this is dirty and threatening.



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