So now we know why a whistleblower approached the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. Or at least we have the broad strokes of this. Why? It’s classified so we don’t have the full details.

What we know is troubling though.

President Donald Trump strong-armed a foreign leader into investigating his current Democratic opponent. Or at least, investigating the one he fears will get the nomination. This should be enough to realize how serious of an attack on the democratic system this is. Trump will do anything to win a second term, no surprise there. There have been hints from people who know him that he may refuse to give up power if he loses. We should pay attention to that warning. Those who know him are saying this with good reason, and a lot of the behavior from the president is authoritarian.

This is where this alleged conversation with the president of Ukraine fits in. This may be a good example of quid pro quo. However, it could be read as extortion and the bizarre obsequiousness towards Vladimir Putin. This would allow Trump to get the goods on Hunter Biden, and accuse his father of corruption, which he already did. At the same time, it would please Russia which has been trying to expand its control to at least Eastern Ukraine. It has the side benefit of further weakening the Western Alliance.

So here is what is happening (again) because our media is incapable of not covering both sides. There are times you don’t, as rare as they are.

Donald Trump’s great innovation as a political actor is that he discovered how to weaponize the media against the country. He realized that the media’s traditional attempt to present balance in its political coverage meant that he could do just about anything, and reporters would feel compelled to contact some source to explain how, if you squint, it might be normal and bookers would put someone on air to defend him. The idea of “balance” required the media to always present a dissenting view of Trump, no matter how egregiously wrong his actions might be.

He also realized that the media’s imperative to run down every story meant that he could always distract them from one scandal by creating another. It’s the political version of chaff: One scandal can end your presidency. A hundred of them is just white noise.

But we don’t have to continue living this cycle. We can stop playing along with it. What happened in Ukraine, after-all, is not a game. Sometimes things are cut and dry. Sometimes one man is fighting corruption and the other guy is corrupting all of us, on purpose.

This was written by Tim Miller, a Republican operative who served for Jeb Bush and communications director for the Republican National Committee.

He has more than a point. It is past time for the media to stop playing this game of finding somebody to defend this president. (Yes CNN, here I am talking to you, it is well past time to bench more than a few people. Yes, Fox, I am talking to you, becoming quasi-state media is not good for us. Yes MSNBC, I am also talking to you. And in case you wonder, most of the US Media which is busy trying to find balance. It only helps to get snowed.)

At this point the conversation we need as a nation is how much more corruption are we going to accept from the president? We must also query the Speaker of the House as to why she still refuses to do what is obvious needs to be done.

The Founders gave us a remedy. One that is not even as dramatic as in the home country. In the old country, Trump would lose titles, rights to serve in the government, and his properties. I do not think he cares about the titles or service to his country. After all, both are self-serving. But his properties, he would care. The Founders did not take impeachment that far, for the same reason they make proving treason that much harder. When they were alive, both were abused by the Crown. Yet, the Constitution gave us a remedy. It is well past time.

The hour is running late.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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