Total War

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readJul 16, 2022
Memorial in Ukraine via Telegram

We have seen increasing evidence that the Federation cares very little about the Geneva Conventions or hitting civilian targets. As I said before, Telegram can be a magnificent place to find evidence of this.

Volyamedia has the goods, and their post is worth reading. I brought to you the most relevant of it. And it should chill you.

The target of the missiles was to be military echelons at or passing through the station. Russian generals consider Vinnitsa an important logistics hub through which the Armed Forces of Ukraine can quickly transfer troops and resources.

A missile strike on Vinnytsia was carried out in the daytime, when the streets are crowded and civilian casualties cannot be avoided. According to our source in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, after the destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one and a half dozen Russian military warehouses, command posts and other targets, the General Staff stopped thinking about the fate of civilians.

”Let’s be honest, from the very beginning, everyone didn’t care how much there and who would die. But until July, they were somehow afraid again. Not out of humanity, but because the bosses scold that they missed and got back in a maternity hospital, theater or residential building. Spent a valuable resource. Now the mood has changed. Almost all generals demand blood. Missed? It’s okay! Damn the civilians, they’re all Nazis there! They (generals) are sure that this way you can break the population, force it to demand peace from Zelensky,” says a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

This is the first total war campaign in Europe since World War Two. It’s not as if Russia does not do it. They have done this over the last thirty years. I am attaching a list of Russian interventions starting with Soviet Russia.

Grozny was destroyed during the Second Chechen War. Russia did to Grozny what it did to Mariupol. Syria saw the destruction of Aleppo. It’s hardly unprecedented. We are now paying attention because this is happening in Europe.

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