The War Comes to Moscow

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readJan 19, 2023
Ministry of Defense, Moscow, with a Pantsir. AA system on the roof

“Pantsir-S1” is being dragged to the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


- Here, comrade fighters, this is our protection against Khokhlyat drones… Okay, Petrov!

- Me!

- Pull the Shell up the stairs.

Petrov is trying, trying, not lifting.

- Don’t raise it, comrade Minister of Defense!

- Sidorov, help Petrov.

They try together, the same situation.

- There’s no way to raise it, Comrade Minister of Defense!

- Ivanov, help.

The three of them are puffing. They can’t raise it.

- Well, there’s no way to raise it at all, Comrade Minister of Defense!

- Did you want blasphemy? Twenty tons! !

As I have written recently, jokes are a window into the Russian mind. This started making the rounds on Telegram. Why? The war is now in Moscow. Russians started raising anti-air units, such as Pantsir systems, onto the roof of government buildings.

This is a big deal. And this is how one of the channels tried to play it down:

Ukrainian and Russian channels massively publish footage of how the Pantsir air defense system is being installed in Moscow on the roof of one of the business centers.

There is no official information yet. Earlier, eyewitnesses and the media published the installation of the Tor and Pantsir air defense systems in the Moscow region.

Sure, no official information, just photos, and videos. Please remind me of London during the Blitz. You might want to tell us the special military operation is going dandy, as Vladimir Putin did yesterday. These systems contradict that story blatantly.



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