The Trump White House is in Full Panic

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Presidents Donald Trump has gone into a cocoon of rage and fear. Truly, this is part two of *Fear and Loathing* in DC. Granted, the President has a reason to be afraid. For the first time in two years, there might be accountability. I am using the conditional because those of us who remember the Democratic wave of 2006 know that there was precious little of that.

Be as it may. We may see subpoenas and committee hearings that actually mean something. For all we know, the President May have his tax returns put under congressional oversight. His business may come under close scrutiny, and the House might even explore violations of the Emoluments Clause.

Impeachment…Dems did not take the Senate and Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is already showing that he will continue to protect the president. For McConnell, this is about his party before country. We also need to ask if Leader McConnell is protecting more than just Trump. In other words, is he protecting number one?

Regardless, the president faces accountability, and the days after the elections have gotten worst. Why? The way we count votes. No, not all vote counting is over, and some has continued the blue wave crashing upon the shores. This is to the point that the president is undermining American democracy by questioning the legitimacy of the vote.

So the president has pulled a few conspiracy theories from the ether. Apparently, we have to use an ID to buy cereal (if you are keeping track, no we don’t.) Then there is the carnival of clowns that go change clothes in their care so they can vote repeatedly. And of course, there are multiple votes for Democrats. He cannot accept that people actually are not that much into him.

That this is delusion is to put it mildly. It is also dangerous. However, it is a good view of a dysfunctional White House. It is unprecedented in recent times. This is not unlike Richard Nixon slowly pacing the halls of the residence talking to the silent portraits of former presidents.

Then there is Robert Mueller. That is not going anywhere and he reportedly came home from Paris to answer written questions. Then there is the rumor that his son Don Jr expects an indictment. Junior has said as much.

So do Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. All three were involved in the Wikileaks saga and may be facing the law for lying to federal officers. We will know for sure once they are, or not, charged. But the president is not happy and he is a father after all. We may think that he only covers for himself, and while that is true, he still cares for family.

Then there is the whole investigation. The team has asked for a delay to charge Rick Gates, who is still singing like a canary. So they intend to give another status report to the court in January. Incidentally, Gates was present at the now infamous Trump tower meeting, so he probably has relevant information for the office of the special counsel. And there are the rumors upon rumors of text messages between Stone and a New York Radio personality. It may actually be the Northstar pointing to collusion.

This matters. **Likely the probe will not wrap up before 2019,** but the list of targets is becoming clearer.

Which brings us back to the president. He is acting increasingly as if he were cornered. Likely he feels that way. He has little control over this matter and has a Congress that will hold hearings at the very least. The blue wave continues to build and now the president is reaching for a series of conspiracies to explain why people do not like him.

He does best when he gets the sugar high of political rallies where he is met by adoring fans. Right now he has a series of public relations disasters and legal troubles that keep mounting. The image of Nixon talking to the portraits on the wall is relevant since this was near the end of the Watergate saga. We are getting close to that point.

Trump and the Press

However, the president continues his attacks on the free press and now is trying a novel theory with the courts. We can remove whoever we chose from White House grounds. Never mind that this breaks with decades upon decades of tradition. It is a direct attack on the free press. We may complain that the press acts at times as stenographers to the state, and they do at times. But in this case, they have been relating to us the crazy in the White House, as well as likely abuses of power. This… the president does not like. His tweets are less effective in setting the storyline as well. They have lost their shock value and consequently have become more unhinged.

Nor did he like the reminder that a day after the elections the dangerous caravan of invaders had gone poof. Yes, the troops are still at the border, which is an abuse of the troops and necessary, but the dangerous invaders that were coming to rape our people have gone missing. Mind you, not because the refugee flow has stopped…but because they have served their immediate propaganda use. So Jim Acosta asking this was the proximate reason for the fury from the president. However, the reaction from his allies, which was almost immediate, and the doctored video tells many that this was not precisely accidental.

So now we find ourselves in court, with the White House making claims that run directly into a wall of the first amendment. We shall see since the Judge is a Trump appointee. However, if the White House loses in court, the fury will increase, as the president continues to lose control. He is finding out that he is no king and does not have absolute power. It must be shocking.

November 15, 2018

Written by

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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