The Silent Majority Stays Home

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Trump Campaign photo, you can see some empty seats above

The crowd at the president’s rally in a Tulsa was 6,200 strong, according to the Fire Marshall. The campaign is pushing back, using the number of people who went through the metal detectors, and it is double. It’s still less than the capacity for the arena.

This was a very bad return to the trail for the president who promised a full house. Granted, the Tik Tok generation and the Resistance ordered tickets, two apiece. However, the campaign was likely on to them. Why do I say this? They issued over a million tickets, for a facility that holds 19,000 people. Perhaps 40K if we are into account the overflow area. They were not able to fill the indoor facility. It was not even close.

Let me repeat this they were into the tactic of ordering tickets that people had no intention of using. The Tik Tok kids went a step further and used fake accounts abandoned the moment they got the goods. This gave the campaign zero benefits regarding reaching potential voters. This is a classic tactic of hybrid warfare, used by nation-states, incidentally. However, the campaign could not muster more than 7,000 people. Not even with a million requests.

It was a disaster if you are part of team Trump. It signaled that even in a ruby-red state, they couldn’t muster the base. The silent minority is perhaps a figment of the campaign’s imagination. Yes, there were some on twitter who did not feel safe because of what they called the riots. Mind you the problem was not the virus, but fear of disorder. With a million tickets issued that should not have made a difference. Others should have been in there, and the arena should have been overflowing.

National and state-level polls reveal that Joe Biden leads Trump in critical states. Places like Arizona might be in play. The Senate is likely in play. This rally might signal that this noise indicates the support for Trump is crumbling. It may also tell us that the play for white supremacy s starting to wear thin even in deep ruby red states.

The people. In white supremacy, safe spaces understand this as the warning it is. They now realize that Donald Trump will likely lose the election. Partly because he has refused to act with the concurrent crisis of the virus (they think its a globalist plot to destroy whites, and it is a hoax…even now.) They also believe Trump did not act with enough force with Black Lives Matter and carry out mass arrests. He is hardly a king or a dictator, but I digress.

The rally is a clear warning that all the polls showing Biden leading are not wrong. We are heading for a November election where the president will not win a second term. He is desperate, and likely realizing that the gig is over.

His true base, the White Supremacists, understand that Trump was likely the last chance for their ideology of hate. He has carried out policies that are very popular, at least with them: Separation of children from parents, cut down on who can get asylum, and the border wall. All these are part of the policies they see as essential to slow down the end of this as a white country.

The rally is significant since the campaign could not get a full house. So both the campaign and white supremacists have blamed the media for increasing fears over COVID, and protesters. The latter was blamed for preventing people from coming in. The media showed that this did not happen. The reality is that there were protests, and they remained peaceful. Chiefly people could enter.

This will be a hot summer, because of COVID and the political season. But perhaps, the country will emerge from the Trump nightmare deeply injured. However, those white supremacy safe spaces do hold a warning. Some are openly talking about civil war. We should expect terrorist attacks from an aggrieved minority at this point. We have seen some already but prepare for more.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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