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The beauty of Hybrid Warfare is that when done well, it stays under the radar. And when it emerges, it should stay just short of kinetic action, meaning war. The Russian Federation never stopped its campaign against the West in general and the United States in particular.

We now learn what many of us already knew. The Russians never stopped and will play a role in 2020. And no surprise here, they like Donald Trump. These are facts. What is also not surprising is that the president has called this a hoax. Why? He believes that this takes legitimacy away from him. And to be fair, if his reaction was not anger and trying to hide this, it would not add an asterisk to his presidency. However, his reaction does add that question.

A president that would put the nation ahead of his narrow interests, would order his government to stop the Russians in their tracts. This president would also warn the people, and get social media to stop the hybrid offensive. He would also be very clear with Vladimir Putin. This president is not that person. If Putin helps, he is fine with it. Just don’t be public about it.

Let’s be clear. This president still checks out a lot of the long term objectives of the Russian Federation. One of those goals is to steal the thunder of democratic governments. Regardless of who wins the election in 2020, there will be some doubts about the system itself. There are policy goals within the Russian Federation, where this can be used to dispute democracy itself. It is great at dividing Americans and weakening the United States.

We the people have a responsibility to be aware of what is going on. We all need to make sure not to spread Russian memes, and to not let them divide us. It would be great if the president cared that much about his country. He does not. So this has to be our job. The country is indeed under attack. We are in the midst of an undeclared war. It’s clear the president does not care. We must.

We are in a national security crisis and the ultimate power is ours. It’s our choice to act on them, whether a compromised president acts on the warnings (he won’t) or not.

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