The Putin Speech

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readSep 21, 2022

Since 20:00 Moscow time, millions of Russians have been waiting for the president’s address. And if you believe opinion polls (let’s believe them this time), then most of them are loyal citizens, and some are even for a special operation. And so they clung to the screens and have been in this position for more than an hour. And it is they who are now asking the question why they are treated like this by the authorities and why they are being thrown. But it is they who, in a single impulse, must run under the gun in the event of mobilization in the first place. And they can’t even be called to die for their homeland on time

Vladimir Putin was supposed to give a speech announcing general mobilization and martial law. The speech has been delayed until 09:00 hours Moscow time. The day has been one of the rumors and Google searches to leave the country.

People in the core of the country are not too political. Why? There is an unstated social contract since Putin came into power. Russians, especially at the core of the empire, are allowed to live their lives. In exchange, Russians don’t have opinions on the state. Those who do, and are not in accordance with the state as Putin believes, either die or go to prison.

This is one reason Russians are subjects, not citizens. Before you become too smug, something similar is happening in Western Societies. A complete disregard for politics can be deadly. Declaring a general mobilization will force people to become political. The social contract has been broken.

The speech was also going to have referenda in all occupied territories. I guarantee that the territories will vote to join Russia, not because they want to, but because the result has been predetermined.

This is what the referenda are, according to the Pentagon, via Telegram:

”This is just an information operation, the purpose of which is to divert attention from the plight in which the Russian military is now,” said Ryder, quoted by CNN.

The Pentagon spokesman noted that calls for referendums are part…

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