The President is an Authoritarian Concentrating Power

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This should be no surprise at this time. The president seeks zero accountability for any in his administration or himself. He takes no responsibility for anything. He has said such a few times by now. It does not matter if this is the response to the pandemic, or anything else. Since the Senate refused to hold him accountable, for anything…he is now proceeding to the next phase of his war on institutions. In his fight, the Inspector Generals need to go, or at least those who question him. It turns out that is the job description of the IG, of any department. None should be looking over his shoulder or that of his administration.

When one acts guilty, it either means there is actual guilt, or there is a guilty conscience. Regardless, the president acts like any corrupt leader in any banana republic. He is also doing all he can to benefit his friends, and hurt the country, no matter what happens in November. His loyalty is to himself, not the nation.

His party is still incapable of doing a thing about this. Susan Collins may be troubled, but she will do no more than just post on Twitter. She is not alone. We know this because his party refuses to do more than tell us they are troubled. In reality, they will do all they can to stop the Democrats once they win in November. Why? That is the modus operandi of the modern Republican Party. They believe in the same kind of one-party rule that the president wants.

Yes, Mitt Romney voted on one of the two articles of impeachment, but one has to wonder if he will call for hearings? These Friday Night Massacres continue to expand the frontier of what this president can do. In reality, these are dangerous precedents. These will be used by future administrations because once power is surrendered, it is hard to recover. The Republicans are surrendering the balance of power to a man that will do all to consolidate it. Once they lose power, they will bemoan the abuses from Democrats, even if they are not to the extent of the present.

This is partly because the party does not believe in the Constitution. It is not a matter of what they say. It is what they do. They continue to do things that are baffling if you only listen to them when Democrats are in charge. They hate the Constitution because it gives civil rights to people they do not like. They want to go back to an age when people knew their place, and corporations acted with no limits. This is what deregulation is all about. The party believes in one thing: Power.

We are at the point that Congress should use the power of the purse since the Senate will not act. They have that, and it is one way to fight back. But this is not just about partisan warfare. This is about the Constitution and the separation of powers. If they do not act and protect their own powers, they will forever be lost to an authoritarian presidency. Even if that is one of their own.

The modern-day GOP cannot conceive that they will lose power. They cannot comprehend that a Democratic President will take over someday. In my view, this will be in November, partly because of polling trends. We know that even Trump voters are starting to have second thoughts. The Pandemic did it for many of them. They are also older, and always vote.

This attack on accountability is dangerous, for both the present and the future. If the president manages to maintain power, you can expect the second term to be the final nail on whatever passes for American democracy and accountability. He is an authoritarian and will continue down that road. If he should lose, he is already seeding the fertile ground with doubt about the election and whether it would be legitimate.

We are entering the most dangerous period of recent American history. The president has a militia, at his beck and call. We saw it with the protests. That militia believes in his vision, and so does the GOP. We are also facing a rebound of disease, or a second wave, or both. Any of this will be destabilizing for the nation.

Firing the fourth inspector general should worry any who is concerned about the nation. However, this writer expects little accountability from the GOP. They are deep in partisan mode and do not care.

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