The President is a White Supremacist: That is Hardly News

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Donald Trump reportedly said this yesterday. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” This is according to the Washington Post.

A source told CNN that the president loved the reaction, that he likes taking things to the edge and not to fall off. So here is the question? Does not falling off the edge include ethnic cleansing? This is a very serious question. One that we should be asking. We cannot continue to run from the implications of this presidency.

He has been clear about it. Andrew Jackson, perhaps at the behest of Steve Bannon, maybe not, hangs in the Oval Office. Jackson presided over genocide, and a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Trump defended Nazis in Charlottesville, as very fine people. Nazis are not fine people.

His words, if they were said at the end of a bar would perhaps be fighting words. However, his words are indeed fighting words around the world.

The US Ambassador to Botswanna, will have to explain this to the host government. His statements have drawn condemnation around the world. The U.S Ambassador to Panama has stepped down. This is where we are. This is a president who is closing the United States from the rest of the world. But lets be clear. This is a president who would love to stop the browning of the United States. This is why Richard Spencer was so happy. This is the last chance that racists like Spencer see to stop that process.

We are on the path to genocide. We are on the path to ethnic cleansing. Trump would like nothing more than to go to Texas and California and drive every Mejicano off the land and across the border. That was not a misspelling. That was the original spelling to Mexican, in 1848. In his mind this is a white land. He would love to drive anybody who is not white and blue eyed from the country, Yes, that includes first people’s.

It is time we are very clear on this. We are on the path to genocide.

I will also give the White House top marks when they said that this will be good for them with the base. He is correct He will need that base in order to carry his policies of ethnic cleansing. If we do not wise up, it will come.

I have called this man a fascist ever since I read his words. I will be very clear. If you defend this man, and these statements, you are racist as well. It is that simple.

The United States is on its way to becoming a majority=minority country. This is the future of the country. This scares the living daylights of people like Trump, his father Fred was a member of the KKK, and Richard Spencer. Stephen Miller, one of his aides, is nowhere close to a closet racist. He is very open. Many of the voters did cast their vote for Trump becuase they are afraid of that future.

We have a real-life Archie Bunker in the White House. Take him for who he is. Take him seriously. It is time for people of conscience to accept who he is, what he is, and that he needs to be stopped. He is a clear and present danger to most Americans, who are not white, or blue eyed, or from Northern Europe.

It is also high time that the United States confronts the two original sins. The first is chattel slavery, the second is genocide. Until we do, this will be the reaction every time somebody of darker skin color is elected to the presidency. That will happen because the majority will not be white.

The Republican Party has a choice. They can denounce this, at the leadership level, or they can continue apace. Their choice is historic.

Added facts to the story, and did some light editing for clarity.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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