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We have a madman in charge of the executive. There is no other way to put it. The President of the United States has never acted normally. He sees himself more like a king, or a strong man than a democratically elected president. He’s never been humbled by the fact that he only has power because of a Constitutional quirk, the Electoral college. He has never tried to expand his base beyond the white supremacists who love him and adore him. Or the religious right that prays for his health and to keep demons at bay.

The president is also concerned, like any strongman, with his image. He wants to appear strong. The word is a mainstay of his vocabulary. So it was no surprise he insisted on a glorious return to the White House. One that looked and felt like a propaganda piece. The White House has acknowledged as much. He needed to look the part for both international and national allies.

What many of us saw was a man gasping for air at the Truman portico. He is sick, and he looks sick. From what his niece told CNN, a disease is a form of weakness for the president. Then there was the amazing Vanity Fair piece where the family kept Fred Trump under the illusion that he was still working after he got Alzheimers, by signing blank papers. Look carefully at the photos released by the White House from Walter Reed. Donald Trump was signing blank papers, maintaining the fiction that he was working.

Think about this. Because it is not the first time they have done this. He is signing blank papers. The president pretended to work while we had a propaganda operation you expect in either Latin America or Eastern Europe. The fact of the matter is that President Donald Trump looked pathetically weak.

Then there are the constant attacks on institutions. Also, the fixation of getting a judge confirmed to the Supreme Court, but not a stimulus package for Americans in dire need. This is how it looks from the peanut gallery, as the president said no more stimulus until after the election. Trump is just about Trump. He wants to pack the Supreme Court as insurance for his re-election. He needs to kill the Affordable Care Act, there is no replacement, in the middle of a pandemic. So everybody who has COVID and survives now has a preexisting condition. This includes the president who got VIP care.

None should begrudge the medical; attention any president gets. It is a real perk of the job. However, Trump is exhibiting a classic Republican attitude, “I got mine, screw you.” He is also doing that by walking away from the table on stimulus talks. So what happens when he loses in November? Well, he is going to try to go for the Supreme Court and have them declare him president. Hey, it worked for George W. Bush! This is the way Trump thinks. He is desperate to hold to power.

So he attacks institutions. Behaves like a toddler. Looks extremely weak, and he shoots himself in the foot politically. And this was just this week.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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