The Kremlin, The White House, and Trump

Before you say it, this will be a speculative piece, in the vein Kremlinologist used to write back in the day. But the White House reminds me of exactly the final days of Leonid Brezhnev. First a few facts.

The three top medical people in the Coronavirus Taskforce are going into quarantine. Vice-President Mike Pence was going into quarantine…until he was not. I suspect the president got way angry because of optics. Two White House staffers have a diagnosis, both have been close to the principals, no mask.

We also know that at least eleven Secret Service members have it, and for operational reasons, we cannot be told if they worked at the White House. For anybody trained in reading government statements, we know at least a few are.

Incidentally, all this not only fits the definition of an outbreak but at this point a hot spot.

So, this Tweet from April Ryan crossed my feed yesterday.

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A very high ranking individual may be Pence, but what if that person is the president? We also know something rattled him, severely. How? His Twitter feed has been crazy, and he is demanding everybody open. He is accusing Democrats of trying to keep everything shut down until November. No state meets the standards the Centers for Disease Control wrote, and his administration rejected. So the death toll will spike.

President Donald Trump knows that the White House hot spot, where they are testing and contact tracing, speaks against his brand of crazy. Yet, he pushes on. Why? The politics he accuses others off, and a crashing economy means he will not be re-elected. But if he got it, it also is a direct violation of self. He sees himself as a man who never gets sick, with superior genes. It’s not like the virus cares…a host, is a host, is a host.

This invisible enemy will attack any available host to send more swarms to infect others. It is the nature of the infectious disease.

Brezhnev died from a heart attack in 1982, we are told. It still took the Kremlin, for a host of internal reasons, over a day to announce it. He had been sick for some time, and a few times there was speculation. He missed important events. This is not unlike the recent Kim Jun Un series of events in North Korea.

Trump has not missed a thing. If the Veep carried the VE-Day ceremony there would have been speculation. Trump still refused to wear a mask, and for the life of me cannot understand why the vets did not. Yet, we have a president who is doing all in his power to appear strong, or at least his version of it. He is also getting tested every day, which speaks to the Germaphobe-in -Chief.

So should we all start listening to RT for the death march? This is how Voice of America did it. After all, many Americans do not expect the White House to tell the truth about anything. And the White House requesting prayers is quite telling. Somebody may have it, perhaps Individual One.

Incidentally, back in the day, this was called reading tea leaves. We are back at the art form, and to those who get it in the White House, hope they recover. Most will, but risk factors are what they are. These include age.

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