The Isolation of the United States

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If you are the Russian Federation, you want a weaker United States. One that is isolated is even better. The nation has always had cranks and fools who believe the country would do best by closing its borders. It is the same sub-group that believed in Black United Nations helicopters, or that dark forces were ready to surrender the country to communists, foreigners, and non-whites. There is a direct connection between this paranoid world view that the John Birch society held, all the way to Jade Helm in 2015.

There are the same people who have always seen paranoid designs from Democrats and any who are not white. They were ready for the ideological taking, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, they were like lambs in the wilderness. The great devil was gone, but the concepts that globalism was destroying the country never left. This is what modern-day Russia has exploited so successfully. We must ask if QAnnon is a Russian media operation? If not, it is full of susceptible people that a generation before was talking of black helicopters instead of the Deep State.

In Donald Trump, they have gotten as close to political power as they ever wished, and Trump is a fellow traveler. Why he is continuing with the isolation of the United States in the world stage. This is something that needs explaining, because at this point people are alarmed, but don’t seem to understand just how dark this is. First off, this is a nation of immigrants, and our recurrent fears about immigration are just that. We have closed the borders to immigrants in the past, and we have also opened them. At this point though, Trump is following a dark design that is leading to the isolation of the United States on the world stage. This is isolating and weakening the United States in ways that may be long term.

President Trump never made it a secret. He hates rules and international institutions. He shares this with his deeply racist white supremacist base. They hate these institutions and believe in the supremacy of the state, in a mythic way. They do not understand this state in the post-Metternich way, which means alliances and international organizations used when needed. They believe in autarchy, meaning completely independent of others and isolated. They know the best solution to the present crisis, whatever it is, are autonomous ethno-states where all the races are separate and never equal. We need to be aware of this when talking about the present since the administration is full of white supremacists who believe in this. It;’s not just the president. This started early on with Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller never left. So the man coming into the office of the presidency and running over all treaties and international obligations should not surprise anybody. However, how his adoring cult is reacting to this is predictable. I will quote just one site, but this is the tone in many, ranging from 4chan, Gab 8Kun, and others. They want this to happen because he is fulfilling promises to a fearful base that wants isolation:

Trump and his administration have officially kept the promise of America First, as the Trump administration has made the withdraw of the United States from the World Health Organization official. This move by Trump and his administration to remove the United States from the World Health Organization is also a major hit at China, as the World Health Organization’s involvement in the coronavirus narrative and agenda have been clear for the last couple of months now.

Now that we are officially out of the World Health Organization you will likely see the WHO collapse, as America funding to the WHO has been the number one funding source for the World Health Organization for years just like the United Nations. Speaking of the United Nations can we do the UN next Mr. President? Things like the WHO have always been slush funds for the Deep State that supported Deep State operations for decades.

He fulfilled some of these promises to his base when he withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accords. For them, this America First message is about the state as they conceive it, not as the rest of us do. They want the United States to withdraw from all international agreements and to become an isolated country. An island if you will, which as I stated above, benefits Russia. Right now it feels like they may win this battle as the United States withdraws or attacks institutions. This is especially the case if Trump should win a second term to the presidency. Then you can bet that the US leaving the North American Treaty Organization, which has been under constant attack by the president. You can also expect that we will leave the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations.

All these are the product of the post-world war two order, which the extreme right despises. Never mind we built it and it has benefited the United States in ways they do not understand. Globalization is changing the world in ways that many far-right white supremacists do not like. Chiefly, they imagine hordes of barbarians crashing the gates. Oh never mind that immigrants to the United States from Europe during the golden age of migration were precisely the poorly educated, did not speak English, members of their own shit hole countries. Trump’s grandfather would not have been allowed into the United States if the rules he wants to impose today were in place back then. However, his grandfather shared something with a lot of immigrants: He was a risk-taker.

Migration is usually done by those who are either willing to push themselves or those forced to do so by war and disease. In some cases, they are not well to do, or well educated. A good number are well educated, and they usually are the ones who start businesses in their host countries. Why? They are risk-takers, and starting a business is a risky endeavor. Others leave because they are forced out, not because they want to leave. These days they come from middle income and low-income nations, and this is why immigrants these days tend to be browner and speak a panoply of languages that are not English.

Migratory rates remain sticky at about three percent of global populations. They have been at this rate for decades. However, these are brown and black people who are causing all kinds of anxiety for the white supremacist who wants to stop all that. Worst, they see this migration as a plot to replace them, the pure white people that built these nations (hilarity ensued when they got commercial genetic tests only to find out they were not pure white. They were shocked since they did not expect that)

This is hardly the Camp of the Saints, a favorite of Steve Bannon, and the far-right scenario. Migration rates have not changed that much. With the climactic change that may accelerate, or not. But there is an aspect of this migration that scares white supremacists.

Without it, older populations in the west would start to contract. This is where a very clear fear of white genocide is coming from, as much as the concept is bunk. None is trying to kill them. This is where the idea that they need to reproduce well beyond replacement numbers is coming from. The cross over with the quiverful movement, which believes that Christians (white to be specific) are dying out and white genocide is clear. Also, treaties that regulate what you can do with immigrants and how (which we helped establish after the war because of things like the SS San Louis) are also seen as part of the globalist effort to destroy whites. This is a deep conspiracy that only the cognoscenti of the movement are aware of.

The isolation of the United States is hardly accidental, and we all need to be aware of the code at play. This is a racist code that is at the heart of the fear of the other. It is a smilier dynamic that we saw in 1924 with the first limits on migration to the United States. But it is also a consequence of the Civil Rights legislation of 1965 and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Both are seen as an attack on the white nature of the United States, and the only way this can be stopped is by the country becoming isolated from the rest of the world, and to expel people not like us. Yes, even full-fledged citizens who were born here. And if that cannot be done, they need their own ethnostate.

The most extreme (or open) white supremacists follow the writings of people like John Tanton’s who believed, among other things, that Latinos cannot become part of the American polity. This is not new, Ben Franklin did not think Germans could become Americans either. Tanton also believed in what is best described as Eugenics and Blood and Soil ideology:

In the world view of John Tanton, successful societies are not based on a mere sharing of territory, values and political systems. Nations and their cultures, he has suggested on numerous occasions, are largely determined by biology — race.

In a Nov. 13, 1994, letter to white nationalist columnist Lawrence Auster, a regular correspondent, Tanton suggested that the Declaration of Independence was actually a document based on the “bond of blood and ethnicity — nationhood.” Almost a year earlier, in a Dec. 10, 1993, letter to Garrett Hardin, a controversial ecology professor, he said: “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” On Jan. 26, 1996, he wrote Roy Beck, head of the immigration restrictionist group NumbersUSA (and then an employee of Tanton’s foundation U.S. Inc.), questioning whether Latinos were capable of governing California.

Isolating the United States and making it a white nation is part of this ideology. We are, is the last hope of the white race. As I wrote the other day, the speeches the president gave on the Third and Fourth were coded with white supremacy. MAGA is at its core a racist fascist ideology, with elements of the Volk which are hard to ignore. It is to the point that they are even using the symbols of the Third Reich as part of the merchandise for the campaign. Isolating the country is also something that Adolph Hitler did. He withdrew his nation from the League of Nations and later all kinds of international treaties. Trump is following in familiar footsteps. And Russia is exploiting all this in a hybrid campaign which Americans are not mostly aware of.

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