Nadin Brzezinski

Jan 29, 2018

5 min read

The Global Electric Vehicle Fleet is Growing

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To continue to meet California’s climate goals and clean air standards, California must go even further to accelerate the market for zero-emission vehicles. Today’s executive order implements the Governor’s call for a new target of 5 million ZEVs in California by 2030, announced in his State of the State address yesterday, and will help significantly expand vehicle charging infrastructure.

The Administration is also proposing a new eight-year initiative to continue the state’s clean vehicle rebates and spur more infrastructure investments. This $2.5 billion initiative will help bring 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations to California by 2025.

This emergence of electric vehicles in the vehicle market was not spontaneous, nor because of a genius with electric motors. It was developed in the American continent, Asia and Africa, as a consequence of research and development efforts in 29 countries and the European Union as part of the International Energy Agency (IAE), created in 1994. These are nations who have reacted positively to the United Nations call, in 1992, to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. This strategy was cemented at COP 21, (the Paris Accords), celebrated in Paris, France in December of 2015. The objective is to reduce global temperatures by 2 degrees centigrade (3.6 F), with lower CO2 emissions.

The objective of 20 million vehicles by 2020 worldwide is in response to the Paris accords. It is part of the of the electric mobility initiative, and an answer to climate change. The real goal is the deployment of 100 electric vehicles and 400 million electric bikes and trikes by 2030. (Author’s translation.)

Tesla dominates the electric car market in the country. Model S and Model X are respectively the first and second best-selling EVs in the country, followed by the more recently launched Hyundai Ioniq Electric, which will grow even more soon with a new fleet in Amsterdam, and the BMW i3 in the fourth place.