The General Election Starts Today

Three states held a primary yesterday. Joe Biden consolidated his lead in the delegate count. It is all but over. Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee. The math makes it all but impossible for Senator Bernie Sanders to find a path to victory. It is time to admit the inevitable and suspect the campaign. This is for the good of the nation.

This will lead to a unity movement, which most Democrats and independents will follow. There are also Republicans who will vote for Joe Biden in November.

There are signals that Sanders is clearly moving in this direction. For starters, he is no longer asking for donations and has suspended all Facebook ads. This points to a suspension, which reporters believed he had already done. His communications director, Mike Casca, denied this in a tweet. However, the time is near.

He does have an extremely committed base, some of whom will never vote for a Neoliberal Democrat. They have made this clear, and have even threatened to leave the Democratic Party. This is fine. None should beg them.

Here is the thing. A small, but very vocal minority of Sanders fans are part of a personality cult, who refuse to see the writing on the wall. They also are sure that the movement that Sanders has built cannot go forwards without the Senator. The United States has always had some of this. In fact, some of the president’s fans act the same exact way as hardcore Trump voters. To them, I say, it is time to reassess this. The ideas are now part of the conversation. In fact, the nature of politics and what is possible changed due to the pandemic. A lot of what the Senator has suggested is in play right now. Emergencies tend to focus the mind.

I am not going to beg. If you want to leave or sit the election out, go for it. We are also well past all the conspiracy theories in circulation. This is also something that the hardcore on both sides shares. I know that trying to talk sense to these people is near-impossible. So if they want to leave, #DemExit in effect, go. Or if they want to sit it out, go for it.

Is Biden perfect? No. Lord knows he has way too many faults. Is there a perfect candidate? No, not even Bernie or Trump, even if their respective hardcore fans act as if they were.

His ideas are now in circulation. Some are now in the process of being implemented. Why? There is a saying in economics, everybody is a Keynesian in a recession. What we face is an economic depression. The problem is that the GOP, who has always opposed those policies, is now trying to claim them for their own…classic triangulation.

There is another thing. Most of the fans on both sides do not even understand how the government works. No, the Democratic Central Committee does not run primary elections…the states do. They run Caucuses, which is different. And this is not even the DNC, it is the state party that does that. But if people insist on the conspiracies and in staying home, none of us should beg them.

I understand the desperation where some of this is coming from. But the fight is now beyond Sanders. It likely always was beyond Sanders. I will thank the Senator for mainstreaming many of these ideas. That Sir is a hell of service to the nation. I am sure you will serve a critical role in the Senate as the country gears up for wartime conditions.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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