The Conventions: A Contrast

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We have one night to compare the two conventions. So far it is clear that the Republicans are offering conspiracy, as well as no unified platform. Yes, Democrats have a minority of delegates vote against the platform, but they have one.

Democrats offered warnings to a base that is already pretty active. They also told them to go vote, but chiefly they offered a vision. This was one of competence and a future where some normalcy will come back.

Republicans, so far have done quite a bit of airing of grievances and offering dire warnings of what would happen if Democrats should win. Donald Trump Jr was particularly bad, telling us that nothing less than the American way of life is at stake. If Democrats should succeed, they will change the country in ways that Republicans will not recognize. They are, with the media, internal enemies. This is the American carnage view of America that his father holds.

There is no way that this pattern will change. Republicans have been in the depths of this conspiratorial view of the world for many years. This did not start with Donald Trump, though now it is the party of Trump. We are fully in the embrace of the neofascist, white supremacy movement that is Trumpism.

A good example of this vision was Kimberly Guilfoyle’s speech. It not only concentrated on the kind of speed and conspiracy theories. Some of which were well in the main of QAnon, but she claims she is a first-generation American. How? Her family came from Puerto Rico. This is a national convention. She used to work for Fox, and she traveled with a US Passport all her life. Why? Puerto Rico is an American territory and since 1917 all Puerto Ricans are considered American citizens. So how exactly is this woman a first-generation American?

In her speech, she also spoke of how Democrats are Marxists, for all intents and purposes. The State of California, (full disclosure I live in California) is filled to the brim with heroin needles. Which is very creating reality, or shall we say conspiracy? She also claims, with no evidence presented, that Democrats want to take away the freedom of god loving, red-blooded Americans. Of course, part of her vision is a people who pray and stand for the anthem. Trumpism has way too many elements with fascism.

You want to watch this, here you go. TMZ has it in full.

One more thing, while the Democratic Convention was not precisely a rating king, none are. They had higher ratings on the first night than the republican convention. Partly people are tired of lies and grievances. And given the party has not voted for a platform, it is well understood that it is now fully the party of Trump.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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