The Context for the Storming of the Capitol

This was not accidental. It’s been building. Far-right sites have been talking about the storm and the plan for years. It did not start last month. They are convinced that they are the victims of a cruel system that ignores them and makes fun of them. They know that Donald Trump is on their side, and has been leading the country away from globalism, and the horrors of the left.

In MAGA / QAnon mythology the coming of the storm is exactly what happened when they assaulted the Capitol. This is what they have been preparing and looking forwards to overthrowing the government, Sedition is baked into the movement. The president encourages them at every point, as well as the secretive Q messages.

Let me be very clear about this. What we saw was people acting on what they have been reading for years. In some cases, decades. They felt that they were charging into the heart of power to save the country from people who eat children, are in the warmth of the Zionist Occupation Government and overall are not American. Why? Their definition of what it is American is white, Christian, and in many cases white supremacist. It is about maintaining a caste system.

The language of treason has been part of this ecosystem for years. It did not start in the last two weeks. Rush Limbaugh started it back in the 1980s, with the eliminationist language, telling the listeners that Democrats were the enemy of the people. Rush was one of the first ones to start using this language, in ways where he blamed all ills on Democrats, who he increasingly described as traitors to the nation. He may not have used that language this overtly, but in effect he did. A coterie of radio personalities followed his formula. Whether it was Roger Hedgehock in local markets or Mark Levin in the national sphere, they increasingly described the other party as illegitimate. Members of the political establishment, whether currently in office, or retired, have made this a cottage industry. They play the victim while using the language of division and elimination every day.

Roger Ailes and FOX News

They have grown, and with every outlet that rises, they become even more radical. Fox came from a need to “balance” liberal media with patriotic, American loving, news. It was nothing short of propaganda, and it is time to call it exactly that. In this, the right has created a veritable list of echo chambers, one more radical than the next.

These days we have a coterie of sites, that range from the right to the far right. They believe in otherizing more than half the country and have been feeding this to their viewers for decades, This is one reason the Republican Party fears a radicalized base, even after the base assaulted the capitol.

This also includes book publishers such as Regnery press, who continue to pump out propaganda. They do it, because there is a lot of money in there, and they believe in what they peddle. In some ways, this is also a religious far-right Christian movement that wants to go back to a fiction that never existed. This is why the language of the end of the world is common with these people.


well Imo, we have witnessed the death of the republic.

There is no more liberty in politics.

Antifa did it’s thing yesterday

and over 1/2 the country is blamed for those actions.

I keep hearing about the violence being unacceptable

yet nothing said for the woman who was shot.

I do not believe if Biden is sworn in

that the American Republic will survive.

They’ve already promised what is coming

and it is coming

and the reaction to that, imo, is going to open the

doors to our enemies abroad to finish off whatever

remains of the Republic.

Trust the plan has failed.

The 2020 election is now an example for ALL Americans

that lawlessness is the rule of the land, imo.

1984 is upon us.

Post on GAB

This is the material that is circulating in places like GAB, and BITCHUTE, and 4Chan, and 8Kun. Ann Coulter and Mark Levin have blamed Antifa and BLM for the insurrection and told people it was them, disguised as Trump supporters. It is always them. It is always mysterious forces that foil their right to preserve their vision of the Republic, which is mostly white and where people know their place.

This is a good example of what weaponized propaganda has foisted on us. Realize, there are members of Congres that believe this garbage as well. Even after the attempted insurrection, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri kept saying that there were no investigations into the claims that the election was stolen. There were over sixty cases in the courts, where no evidence of these claims, that would stand in court, was presented. Yet, he persisted in this garbage. He is not that far from the random poster at GAB I quoted above. There are members of Congress that believe Trump won by tens of thousands of votes, even at this late hour. They went there even after the Capitol was overrun by people intending to do harm to many to them. They persisted even after lists were circulating in far-right ecosystems calling for the death of people like the Vice-President, and at least one-third of their Senate Colleagues.

It is not limited to GAB or other fringe sites. This garbage is circulating in places like the Washington Times and Tucker Carlson at FOX played both sides do it and defended the insurrectionist. This is where we are at this moment. We have a whole media ecosystem promoting this garbage, even when some in the crowd promised to return, with guns this time. Take them at their word, because they will. And then there is Newsmax also peddling this propaganda.

So why is this garbage circulating? Party the insurrection failed. If they had succeeded, they would be hailed as heroes, But now the rest of the country sees them for what they are, so of course, they are pulling the carefully crafted mythology they believe in anyway. What you are watching is the kind of state propaganda you see in other places. This is hardly hard-hitting journalism or reporting. It is weaponized garbage.

So where is this coming from? In the mythology of the far-right, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are part of the deep state (cue the laugh track.) They are the arm of a communist, socialist take over of the United States, with the help of China. You should never discount the antisemitic canard that this is George Soros funding this either. This is why, as always, they now blame others for doing precisely what they accuse others of doing. They not only took over the Capitol, but some were also ready to execute members of the House and Senate, as well as the Vice President. They even assembled a gallows near the building to do this.

It failed, so now they need excuses.

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Poster on GAB

The president incited this and did not start yesterday. He started fully the stop the steal claims and flaunted a peaceful transition of power. Or the fact that he lost the election to Joe Biden. These demonstrations were not meant to be peaceful. We knew because far-right groups assaulted statehouses, such as Michigan's, in the Summer.

So far we have had a bombing, (and yesterday devices were left at the officers of the GOP. They also found Molotov cocktails ready to go, things could have been far, far worse.) We have had a full insurrection. We saw the plot to kidnap and kill a governor. In other words, we are seeing the accelerationism that these radicals have been working towards. The president and more than just a few members of Congress like this. I include in this Leader Kevin McCarthy. We have a few Senators who are also in this sedition camp that cannot accept the president lost.

They continue to spread this in places like Twitter. Among them Representative Mo Brooks

Some of his colleagues are starting to say the word expulsion for people like the representative. In a time of sedition, those who rise against the lawful authorities of the United States cannot hold political office, not even dog catcher. Indeed, Eric Swalwell is saying that people should be expelled and the list is rather long: Suffice it to say, newly seated Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is a member of the Freedom Caucus, but also a believer in QAnon ideology. The fact that we are electing members of congress who are radicals is a problem.

The Hard Nut to Crack

Whether this is Fox, or The Washington Times, or for that matter a coterie of radio hosts, they have been radicalizing people for decades. This goes all the way to Nixon, Watergate, and the Southern Strategy. At this point though, we also have a collection of websites that have become places where this propaganda is mainlined. Whether it is 8Kun, or any of the Q aggregators, or GAB, or Breitbart or Infowars. They all have been in this business for years. It is time to put a stop to this.

This stopped being (even if I did not like it) free speech a while ago. They have been speaking a little revolution for some time, as well as secession, and uprisings. Many of us, I hardly take credit for being the only one, have been warning of this for years. We have earned our right to be very angry with people who have told us all these years that we were exaggerating the danger of a weaponized and radicalized far-right media ecosystem. It has gotten worst since Donald Trump was inaugurated, but just in a matter of degrees. In a way, you lose your right to free speech when you scream fire in a crowded theater. This is precisely where we have been in obvious ways since at least 2008, in my mind starting in 2002.

Coincidentally, this is when the alt-right under Richard Spencer and others, started to work with their European counterparts for a unified right. The objective has always been to take over Western Democracies and create white nations, that favor mostly white business interests. This is the kind of poison we have seen spread on social media as well, with little reaction from large media companies that benefit from engagement, and have mostly stood to the side on this.

This is a very tough nut to crack indeed. But when you face a very real insurrection, it should concentrate the mind. A new version of the fairness doctrine needs to include cable news, for example. And it is needed now, not next week, or next months. Newspapers that engage in incitement need to be looked at carefully. Why? They are putting all of us in danger. Chiefly, civil society needs rebuilding, but it cannot be done as long as there are groups committed to painting the majority of the country, diverse, immigrant, and multicultural as the enemy within.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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