As “Florence” starts to hit the Carolinas, we heard from President Donald Trump. He literally said the revised death toll in Puerto Rico from “Maria” came from Democrats. They want to make him look bad. This is why eighteen people were killed, and not close to three thousand. Oh, never mind the study was commissioned by the state government and done by a University. In crazy town facts hardly matter.

Many have snickered at this. We know it is insensitive, to say the least. We also know the president is incapable of self-reflection, empathy, or even self-awareness. So him blaming his preferred foil for the increase in the death rate was not surprising. The way he chose to do it is not shocking either. The day when another major storm starts to make landfall was hardly shocking either. In the president’s mind, he is the greatest. Anything that Cast doubt on that is a conspiracy because the world is out to get him.

Both party leadership in Congress have called the president on this. They accept the conclusion. Close to three thousand people died in Puerto Rico. However, the president does not. While we can discuss the reasons, ranging from his inability to think, lack of empathy, etcetera…there is something far more sinister at play.

The conspiracy president rules over a conspiracy nation.

We live in a culture where deep distrust of facts is chic. Knowable facts and official storylines are immediately suspect. Why we say that John Kennedy was killed by the CIA…or at least the mafia. While there are problems with the official storyline, all storylines have ultimate issues. But who killed JFK has become a cottage industry.

This is also why 911 cannot be the story we are told. This is nineteen angry Saudi men, with a few others, carrying out a successful attack on the United States. Or for that matter, that Osama Bin Ladin had a tad to do with it. Instead, we are told a series of kookie theories. They range from the government did it? I know they are sneaky, but planting explosives for controlled demolition is kind of obvious, even for the least observant office worker. It also takes a lot of time and involves more than a few people.

The other is that the government let it happen. Ok, operational security is much easier on this one. And well, we did go after Iraq. So sure, some of this is not that crazy, on the surface. And this one has at least a shred of evidence. The August 6th PTB. They knew that Osama Bin Ladin was determined to attack the United States.

The craziest I have heard so far. It was the Russians. If it were the Russians, can you say World War Three? That is why that is the craziest of them all.

What these three have in common is that they seek to erase from the story the actual established facts, or ask why the attack happened?

These kinds of cookie theories for major events have been an American cottage industry since early on. Pearl Harbor comes to mind. Since the attack, we have had a series of books about it.

And yes, all these have a little nugget of truth somewhere.

We have, as a nation, graduated to the full crazy though. Sandy Hook was a government act, the children did not die…and were crisis actors hired for the occasion. There is a reason why Alex Jones finally got kicked out of social media. It was one of his craziest theories. Though I will give him props for his interview with Alexander Dugin. It helped to understand some of the crazy.

Sandy Hook was just the beginning. Every mass shooting after that had a familiar storyline. You guessed it, they all have crisis actors, and the Feds are involved. Why do you ask? How else are they going to confiscate three hundred plus million firearms. And while regular folks think this is nuts, these people are dead serious. Why many of them get even more guns to fight the confiscation.

The president has been part of this sub-culture for years. His best creation was that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, because of first Hawaii. We are told it is not in the United. States (it is a state), and the other reasons. They come down truly to a black man should not be president. Racism is part and parcel of these theories.

Incidentally, the idea that neither Hawaiians or Puerto Rican’s are American citizens is part of this subculture. You can even hear it in some talking points, such as referring to Puerto Rico as the nation of Puerto Rico.

The president is going into a familiar, conspiracy-laden subculture. This is part of his base. In fact, it is a critical section of his base, since they do not believe any elites either. We should not laugh, or make fun. This is an expected reaction, however, none of this is normal. This is one reason for the cuts to science budgets, which started a few presidencies ago but peaked under this administration.

Sep 13, 2018

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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