The Big Lie

Nadin Brzezinski
14 min readMay 4, 2021
Post on Telegram, from the White Chauvinist site.

The Big Lie is critical to understand what is happening in the United States. It is at the heart of the turn towards radicalism and open political warfare we are experiencing. Most Americans are familiar with the process because we learn about it in history classes. Mind you, not American history, but as it pertains to the rise of the Third Reich. Alien forces stabbed the German soldier in the back; These were the Jews. This big lie set the ground for the holocaust and genocide.

We have our modern version of the big lie. Donald Trump won the election 2020 election. It was stolen from him by Democrats and others. In this case, globalists and statists, which are mostly Jews. This big lie is behind recent legislation in Georgia to keep some people from voting in ’22, chiefly African Americans. It is also what is behind the Arizona recount, which is happening as I type.

The big lie increases grievance politics from mostly white Republicans, who feel their world is coming to an end. Instead of expanding the party’s appeal and getting some of these diverse people into the party, they are going full-on racist. The Anglo-Saxon caucus that is taking shape within the House is a response to this. It is not just nativist; it is exclusive. For many minority Americans, who are conservative, this is off-putting. It is also a problem for people who are Republican but want to grow the party into a diverse, competitive, governing coalition. This, to paraphrase former President George W Bush, is a way to commit party suicide.

However, this I hardly the only big lie in American history. We need to confront the other big lie. This is the reason for the civil war. The legend made heroes of people like Robert E Lee and the common Confederate soldier. In some respects, it is a lie that is repeating as we confront the events of January 6, 2021, which are quickly fading in their horrors into the memory hole. The present is a big lie where half of Republicans believe Joe Biden is not legitimate.

The far-right maintains this and feeds it. Given that Americans are self-sorting into different news ecosystems, many people are not hearing opposing views. Or, for that matter, facts. Also, it is the common soldier on J6 that is facing some consequences. Like the Civil War, the leaders so far have avoided them.

Nadin Brzezinski

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