The attack at Christchurch and White Supremacy

(Editorial note, I will not directly quote from the manifesto, or link to it. Reporters will find their way, and I do not need to show the way to people with the potential to get radicalized)

We woke up to news of an attack in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our media is covering this as an attack from a white supremacist, who left behind a wide-spanning manifesto. The attack came during Friday prayers, which is the equivalent of Sunday Mass. New Zealand is a day ahead in the international date timeline, which is why it was Thursday overnight in the United States. Friday is the day that you will have the most people at this religious service.

We know that the attack left at least 49 people dead. Numbers are probably going to go up since some of the wounded are in critical conditions. We also know that the city was locked down for some time by the authorities. There were fears that the terrorist was not acting alone, and since at least four people were arrested. Also, there was a fear that other attacks may come to other places in the city. This tells us how dangerous this situation was. The city is not large. However, shutting a city down, or parts of a city, like Boston, was after the marathon bombing, is not done in jest.

The reality is that the authorities had a problem since this was a dynamic situation which they had little control off. So they added to the stress that an attack provokes, by essentially shutting the city down. They knew it was very serious. They took the steps necessary. In the process, they were confronting an old virus of western societies. It is a direct product of colonialism. One that was essential in the creation of the great empires of the western powers. Starting in the sixteenth century, with the contact of the west with the Americas, a justification was needed. God served that role for a while. In time though, white supremacy took form and evolved into the modern toxic extremist form.

By the 19th century, this toxic ideology had almost reached maturity. Some elements that took shape then, are present to this day.

White supremacy

Modern day white supremacy has elements that are common across the world. They include things like the inherent belief that race is real, though this has taken a new form. Since science has revealed the existence of haplogroups, they have become part of the ideology. They are proof that there are different races of humans, and that inherently some are superior to others. It is the same use of science to create an ideological justification for a twisted belief system. Within this belief is the seed for ethnonationalism. The manifesto is full of references to this, and the fact that at one point science will prove that this belief in race is justified. It also rants against birthrates.

What is also present in this manifesto is a need for the separation of the races. Since at least the 2000s white supremacists have admitted that they cannot impose their will on other groups. Genocide of the other is proving difficult at best. So they see separation as the best way for their race to survive in the ethically pure nation, where white culture (European) can survive. They see colonialism as the reason for whites to expand, why former colonies are white lands. However, if native people, such as First Americans or Australian natives, tried to recover them, that is not good, that is not good and has to be fought. These colonies are extensions of Europe. And this is how white nationalists see it.

This complicates matters. Both Spain and Portugal created colonial empires in the New World. However, unlike white Europeans, they mixed with the locals, creating a different, but inferior, race, per their ideology. This is why Southern Europe at times is included as part of Europe, at times it is not, This is also why white nationalists in the United States see the people of Latin America as non-whites. The other language that the manifesto has, which will be familiar to any American since President Donald Trump has mainstreamed, is that of an invasion to white lands. This invasion takes on the flavor of an emergency, one not recognized by the ignorant or those enamored with diversity.

The role of Judaism in this CT

What is the role of Jews in all this? Like many previous conspiracies, Jews are at the heart of this replacement of white people for the other. In particular, the Muslim other, who breed like rabbits, This will lead directly to the replacement of the white race for other people who do not share their values, culture and are inferior to them. Jews are the virus that helps to spread these anti-white views, and they are the ones controlling the media, banking and other means for this invasion. This conspiracy is older than the war with Islam that the shooter referred to.

Jews are the other. And they intend to replace white European Christians with brown people who are not white, or Christian. This is at its core the idea of white genocide. This is quite current among white supremacists across the western world. Capitalist supports them since this leads to the necessary cheap labor. In the United States, this takes the form of the Zionist occupation government

The United States

White supremacy is rising around the world. The United States is hardly an exception. The movement in its current form took shape in the early 2000s in Europe and the United States. The form it took was driven by conferences and discussion forums on the Internet. More on this bellow.

This ideology was in the fringes at one point. The manifesto mentions the president as the symbol of white supremacy. This is not accidental. This is a common thread with internet sites. that see him as an ally. Breitbart has referred to him in that way. David Duke, a leader within the KKK endorsed him when he ran for office. Richard Spencer has embraced the president. He is, in Spencer’s words, the last hope of the white race. Trump is a white nationalist and proves it often. Even if he denies it. His party has embraced the term nationalists while ignoring white. However, this is well-understood as white nationalism. His base is fearful of immigrants at the very least. Many are white nationalists.

Trump has in effect resisted calls to denounce these groups. He even said he had no idea who Duke was after the Grand Wizard of the KKK endorsed him. Neonazis across the United States also worked for his campaign. If he is not one of them, he is a fellow traveler. They know this.

The president has also said, even after the attacks both in the US and abroad, that white supremacy is not a rising threat. We know it is. This is not unlike Charlottesville when the President said: “there are good people on both sides.” These are the moments when we see his true feelings. It will get walked back.

There are other signals the president has given to the nationalist right. And it is time we speak plainly, for what we face is extremely dangerous. Trump started his campaign in 2015 by speaking of an invasion, from especially Mexico and Muslim countries. Why? One is brown, chiefly brown, and Catholic. The other is brown and Muslim. This is out of the Camp of the Saints, a French novel. This book speaks of an invasion of Europe, chiefly France, by brown people. They come by almost derelict ships. Their objective is to take over white lands and destroy white civilization.

Like the Turner Diaries, this badly written novel speaks of a world gone mad, where the only way to defend the volk, the race, is to literally go to war. These themes are not just present in the manifesto, but also in some of the speech from the president regarding his wall. He refers to Latin Americans as an invading army. How do you deal with invading armies? You pick up arms. You defend your people. Incidentally, this is what the depraved mind of other guerrillas that have attacked the others have used. The shooter in New Zealand mentioned some of them by name. There is no need to do much in this piece. Suffice it to say, it’s a rogue gallery of inspiration for those who want to start a race war.

George Soros

During the 2018 campaign, George Soros was mentioned as the financier of this invasion from Central America. It was not in the fringe sites, but the president himself. Soros has replaced others as the symbol of Jewish perfidy. The attack on the Tree of Life synagogue falls in this continuum, and the president’s words were part of the motive. This is critical to the story. To these people, Islamophobia goes hand in hand with antisemitism. Some of the old memes (they never went away) are now current and in wide circulation, even among people who are not white supremacists.

The events at Charlottesville marked a critical moment. It was an attempt by white supremacists to show their strength and unity in the face of widespread rejection. Unlike Klan marches of a few generations ago, none of the participants covered their faces. Some have lost their jobs due to their participation. However, what they did was a march in a uniform of sorts. Khaki pants and white polos. The groups that came to the march were not the traditional conservative. The people who came are members of different white supremacy groups. These are the fringe that has been mainstreamed and embraced by many in the Republican base, and their politicians.

Congressman King

No article on this theme can ignore the role of Congressman Steve King in this mainstreaming of a toxic ideology. The Congressman is a white supremacist. He has engaged in well known white supremacy tropes, including the fact that the culture (white culture) cannot be defended with other people’s babies. The manifesto started with that exact theme, it’s the birth rate. The other, especially Muslims, are reproducing faster than whites. In fact, whites are not having babies fast enough. So we are in the middle of a demographic shift, one where whites will disappear. In the minds of the movement, this is the definition of white genocide.

In some ways, this has become a central organizing principle of the nationalist right. They fear they are going extinct. They know in their hearts that the only way to survive is to separate themselves from the rest of the world, in their own ethnostate. King has spread some of these views and tweeted them. He faced a rebuke recently, but only because his party could not continue to ignore it.

Here is where the Manifesto took an interesting turn. Why did he choose to use guns? He wants to encourage the division in the United States. He wishes for a civil war and the eventual Balkanization of the country. There are two reasons. It will lead to white areas where whites can continue separate from the rest of the country. Secondly, this will prevent the US from ever again stopping a genocide of the other, like what happened during the Serbian war. That was a somewhat surprising new angle, but it is partly common in the white identity movement. In this sense, He was talking to his fellow travelers in the US, and those views are hardly out of step with American white supremacists who look forward to that race war.

It is way past time for the authorities to treat these events as internal terrorism. It is also critical to deal with Radicalization online. Social media has allowed these people to find each other, encourage each other, and create communities of hate. Inevitably this has led to an environment of hate these attacks are not isolated.

All perpetrators should be prosecuted under terrorism statutes. These are enhancers, leading to lingering prison sentences. It’s not because it will discourage other radicals. However, it is terrorism. The media must stop using the term lone wolf. These are terrorists. And it is time to use those statues. Places like Breitbart, which caters to his base, (need to be exposed for what they are. This is the core of the spread of white supremacy.

This is a global movement. It has to be treated the same way the Ismalic State is. It is a clear and present danger, and we must stop hiding our heads in the collective sand.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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