The American Far Right and Russia

Nadin Brzezinski
5 min readMar 14, 2022
Tucker Carlson on Russian TV

Eurasianism can be very useful for making accurate political analyses of the political situation in Russia, particularly for understanding the Putin phenomenon and his drive to create a Eurasian Union in the post-Soviet space.

In the broader sense, Eurasianism can be considered as a form of continentalism for the project of the creation of a European-Russian common space — the Greater Europe stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, as declared by Vladimir Putin.

Alexandr Dugin

We have been at war for some time. I place the date somewhere in 2003. It was the year the far-right made their peace with Russia. It was no longer the communist nation that the far-right once despised. They now had one thing in common with them, their hate of the left.

This American right became subverted. They admired the strong man in the Kremlin who made no excuses. They also agreed that the west was a corrupt society that was purely hedonistic. Capitalism is a problem. So is diversity and minority rights. This is at the heart of Traditionalism, as understood by Dugin, and his acolytes in the West.

Realize, at the heart of this is this understanding:

Traditionalists aspire to be everything modernity is not — to commune with what they believe are timeless, transcendent truths and lifestyles rather than to pursue “progress.”

This ideology understands history as both cyclical, and in phases. We are in a new dark age because both money and diversity have taken over. There is globalization, and the nation has been replaced by the spirit of money.

This is exactly what Russia, white, Nordic, Aryan Russia, is against. This is what is so attractive to the American far-right, which also believes in white domination over all else.

This is a return to a traditionalist society where people know their place. This is behind the laws passed in American states, like Texas, attacking the LGBQ…



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