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This year we should be at home, within our bubble. We should do this to make sure that we flatten the curve. It’s the patriotic thing to do. I know, this feels odd. We all have traditions. Forays it us to travel on Saturday to a restaurant near Los Angeles. We meet with family on a day we all can. My husband is a postal worker, so he usually has the day off on a Wendesday…not this year.

My sister has the week off like every year, and they go to a time share. My cousin lives in Los Angeles. So meeting on a Saturday is our tradition. This year we are staying at home. I am making brisket tonight, with potatoes, and carrots. I got some gluten free chocolate muffins,and will make a corn poblano chowder. We are staying home.

We are thankful. We still gave a roof over our heads, and the virus we have avoided. After we cancelled our gym membership, we started a monthly gift to Feeding San Diego. We’re sharing our good luck with our local food bank. The need to feed millions who are food insecure is amazing. Like us, share with your local food bank if this is within your means.

We also know that this thanksgiving is going to be noted for how rare it will be. Next year we should have a COVID vaccine in your regular vaccination schedule. We will be on our way back to normalcy. Like most experts, we may still need to wear masks, but we will be able to do more normal things, like drive up to LA for a lunch at a restaurant.

We are also thankful for something else. We adopted Dexter a year ago. He is a great pup, and I do know I owe him my life…literally. We are making sure he has the best life he can have, even with his atopic dermatitis. He was a very sick pup when he came home. He is now as healthy and happy as can be. During this pandemic he has been great company.

Thanksgiving is far more than just about food, and football. It is about awareness of what we have. It is about grace and awareness.

However, this year we all should also acknowledge the real history and how it was a prelude to colonization and genocide. We can keep the good things of the tradition. Next year it will ve family, friends bd football. But we can also use the moment to become aware of how the legend is very distant from reality.

This year it’s us, and Dexter. So far, and we are lucky, no missing spots on that table. For that we are grateful.

Wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance. We can do it. The light is at the end of the tunnel

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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