Tea Leaves and Russia

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readSep 10, 2022

There were a few posts on Telegram that speak to something momentous happening inside Russia. As I have written in the recent past, two city councils have demanded consequences for Vladimir Putin. In other words, he will get the blame for this defeat.

First, this dangle via General SVR.

First, Putin gave the opportunity to talk to Nikolai Patrushev, but he offered to give that chance to representatives of the General Staff so that they would express their positions based on the situation at the front that has developed at a given time. Putin gave the floor to a representative of the leadership of the General Staff, who literally in a few words expressed confidence that the information contained in the report corresponds to the plans of the United States, after which he said that our troops have no more offensive capabilities, and soon there will be no more opportunities for defense, and further summarized phrase: “You lost Vladimir Vladimirovich!” After that, he fell silent, and because of the shock of the participants in the meeting, who were sincerely amazed at the audacity of the general, there was a long pause, which was interrupted by Patrushev, asking the question “How dare you to talk that way to the supreme commander?” To which the general began to respond with a stream of new, no less harsh statements, and they hurriedly disconnected him from the air.

There is already a blame game happening. They know the war is lost. The military would normally be the scapegoat for this. So there is already a lot of tension. Read this next post from Inform Napalm, a Ukrainian source, in this light.

Yesterday, after the deputies of one of the municipal districts of Moscow supported the initiative of colleagues from St. Petersburg regarding the proposal to send Putin to resign for treason, active movements of military equipment began in Moscow. The authorities blocked the MKAD ring road and Rosgvardiya vehicles rolled towards Balashikha. We are waiting for a palace coup and mutinies in Russia…

They are not wrong. I have observed a lot of tension in Telegram, where people feel freer to talk, even if they know the security services are tracking them, yes, even there.

This came through as well regarding the speed of retreat. Yes, Ría Novosti is already claiming this is a…

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