Something to be Thankful

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readDec 3, 2020
Dexter living the life

The end of the year is near. It is time for all of us to think about the good things during this year. We all know 2020 has been a collection of bad news. Hundreds of thousands have already died from an unrelenting virus. Yet, in the midst of the scourge, there are things to be thankful for. It may be hard to do because the same four walls are boring, and people are tired.

So here are a few of the things I am not just thankful for, but to a point privileged. I am aware of this at all times.

  • I have food and shelter. Given how many of my neighbors are both food and shelter insecure, for that I give thanks.
  • My husband has a job, even if as an essential worker he still has to go to work. Given how many people have lost jobs, this is something to be thankful for.
  • We are both still healthy. Our close families have so far dodged it, even if some in the family are medical providers. Two at times work in COVID wards.
  • With all the grousing from the younger set, they are on the right side of the digital divide. Ergo, they have both devices and high-speed Internet. They can continue with their schooling, as suboptimal as this may be. But they do complain. None wants to live in the middle of historic times, not that most want to read of them in history books either. I know people in the educational system who do…



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