Since we live in a system where majority votes rule the day…or did you forget about the electoral college, and why President Clinton is standing for reelection? So you think it is ok for the party to give zero delegates during a nominating convention from oh West Virginia when the winner of that contest was Sanders, in every county?

It is the same logic you are using right now.

So you are using a double standard. Regardless, it is 2020, and the DNC is divided between the neoliberal wing of the party, which is center-right, and more precisely between the New Dealers and the Progressives on the slightly to the center-left. There is a difference, not that I expect you to either understand it or care for it.

As an observer of the system, I expect shenanigans because BOTH parties do that.

And with that, have an excellent day. Because the pretzel logic you are using is exactly the kind of logic that suppresses the votes and makes people doubt the system, whatever the hell that system is. A democracy it never has been. At least not like people like to pretend it is.

Myself, in 2020 I will pretend to vote once again because I do not expect my vote to count as intended. Someday it may.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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