Simonyan and the Coming Defeat

Nadin Brzezinski
2 min readNov 29, 2022
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Something significant happened on Russya1 yesterday. You can watch the segment through Julia Davis's translations on YouTube. It is a remarkable turn of events. One is where Margarita Simonyan and others are starting to ask if this will end in a war crimes trial for them.

Here is the view of this through one of the channels I monitor:

“If we lose, then The Hague is even waiting for the janitor who sweeps the paving stones in the Kremlin”

Margarita Simonyan warned that in the event of a defeat in the [special operation], all those involved would face the Hague Tribunal.

Simonyan also actually admitted that Russia has nothing to oppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so the army is attacking the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.


Vladimir Soloviev’s response was predictable. There will be no Hague because the world will be turned to ashes. Yes, this man is in love with the Death Cult, which is part of Russian culture. He is in awe of Ioseph Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria. He wants those measures to be applied right now, including mass use of the Gulag and the death penalty.

I suppose he believes he is untouchable. Ironically, so did Beria.

Now, why does this matter? Not because the street sweeper behind the Kremlin is facing the music. No, because it’s dawning on these people that there will be consequences. This is why it matters.

Simonyan has two young children. If she ends up before a court for war crimes, she is facing time behind bars. I doubt she cares about Ukrainians or Ukrainian children, for that matter. But she knows a conviction may mean she will not see her children grow up.

Remember, none of this is spontaneous. In authoritarian spaces, these things are carefully scripted. So these propagandists floating the idea of ultimate defeat is important. Or, for that matter, mass punishment, how the street sweeper could end at The Hague.

That Soloviev immediately alluded to nukes is his role. He seems to be the crazy man, always going I lose, you lose.

However, the fact they are starting to discuss possible defeat matters. These are not the people you expect this from. So it must be a reality they are now willing to discuss. My read, things are likely worse than we think because the clear propaganda is starting to toy with it.



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