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Sebasttopol fiuel farm on fire, via Twitter

Overnight Ukraine hit the fuel farm in Sevastopol that serves the Black Fleet. This was a major strategic strike, and can be considered part of shaping operations for the coming offensive. I would like to believe this was hitting back after the strike on the apartment building in Uman, but I know better. Operations like this are not launched on the drop of the hat.

Before we examine the far right reaction to this strike, let me point some Russians are reacting to this attack on Uman the same way they did to Dnipro. I think it’s important to point out that not every Russian is going along, even if there are clear risks of placing flowers at a monument. It also is an indicator of the stirring bellow the surface:

Flowers are brought to the monument to Lesya Ukrainka in Moscow, police collect and throw them away

There was a sign “Uman. Dnipro.”

Soon there will be police officers. A police officer photographed the flowers on the monument, and then those nearby.

The policeman advised Muscovites who laid flowers at the monument to Lesya Ukrainka to “to fall on Ukraine.” The Russian Guards also drove up there. Some people who came to the monument were asked for their home address.

Later, the police collected and threw away the flowers that Muscovites brought. [ASTRA]

Now, let’s turn back to the attack. Bellow is a satellite photo of the fuel farm before it was hit. It’s a major facility.

As usual, Russia cannot accept that what they call little Russians, the less bad of all the things they call Ukrainians, could do this on their own. Ergo, this appeared on the Network in Russian far right media:

A NATO spy plane was preparing the ground for a drone raid on Sevastopol

That’s what an informed source thinks. Before the raid of Ukrainian drones on the Russian city, an alliance’s electronic intelligence aircraft penetrated Russian airspace. We are talking…

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