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I was a never Hillary Clinton voter. I did not vote for her in the primary or the general election. I also was extremely privileged to be able to do so. You see, I live in a deep blue state, and my vote for anybody else would not change the outcome in my state. She was still going to win the delegates to the Electoral College. And I understand that technically I did not vote for Clinton. I voted for the delegates for another candidate, who never made it to Sacramento. It wasn’t Trump, and the argument that it was is partisan in the extreme and ignorant. We do not have direct elections, why the popular vote matters not.

I also have said this to people. If I lived in any of the seven to ten states where the election did matter, I would have held my nose and voted for her delegates. Why? Donald Trump is a fascist. And I expected the damage he is doing. I chose not to vote for her because she mishandled intelligence. Yes, I, and likely ten more people probably did not vote for her for this highly technical reason. And if she were elected, she would have been impeached, maybe even convicted, if the Republicans held both houses. That is the nature of the Republican Party at present, and they were at war with the Clintons since Bill became president. They also would never convict Trump in the senate because the corruption is deep and systemic. But likely it is worst with Republicans, and this is a matter of degree.

Before you say it, I knew I could not vote for her before the primaries got underway. It was not because she was the status quo or a woman, or I was a fan of Bernie Sanders. Or for that matter any other myriad reasons were given by establishment Dems. Literally it was deep in the weeds during her tenure as Secretary of State. She shared classified information with Sidney Blumenthal who had no clearance during the Libya debacle. Any other cog in the machine would have served time, and it would be expected if convicted. It was a symptom of what the Trump presidency has now revealed, the corruption that is deep. Who you know, plus social capital means that some people are effectively above the law.

However, I knew my protest vote would make no difference in the outcome. If it would, I would have held my nose and voted for her. Trump is an existential danger to the Republic. I understand this. I also get why angry people vote for the populist, even if not the real deal when they are angry with the system. One reason for that anger is that corruption that is beyond obvious. I tried to explain this to Democrats I knew in town. I even told them that if they nominated her, Trump would win. Of course, I was right, and they still don’t get why.

At the time polling told them otherwise, and Clinton ran the laziest campaign ever…which brings me to 2020 and Joe Biden. From what we have heard, he is not running a good campaign. In fact, it sounds a tad like the Clinton 2016 general election. He is also the figure behind who the DNC is rallying behind because they fear Sanders. It is an entitled campaign from a center-right politician who knows it’s his moment.

The primary enters a critical phase, and unless Biden can overcome Sanders in the Democratic Party delegate count, likely Sanders will come to the Convention with most of the delegates. Again, you are voting for those delegates. This is a technical point that matters. And here is where we also enter another technical point. Clinton came to the convention with the plurality of delegates. Yes, there were shenanigans detailed in 11/9, but the truth is that not giving the nomination to Clinton in 2016 would have severely fractured the party. This is why Sanders nominated her and worked for her. This is politics at the rawest.

If the party nominates anybody but whoever has the plurality of the delegates, they will ensure the re-election of Donald J Trump. I would like to believe that Democrats are not that stupid, or afraid, but I am afraid they may.

If Biden should overcome Sanders, he should be the nominee. However, the same goes for Sanders. It s true that some voters will not vote for either. If you live in a state that is either deep blue or red, go for it. You have that privilege. Enjoy. But if you live in a state where the election is expected to be close, vote. Even if you have to hold your nose to do it. The reality is that any candidate should attract more voters to their banner than lose to the never insert candidate here. Democrats also lost millions of voters from the Obama coalition who staid home, in critical places. If even half of them had shown up, Clinton would have won.

Until we move from the electoral college to a direct election of the president, which will require a constitutional amendment, some states will continue to have an outsized roll in American elections. It’s time to understand this and be strategic about your vote.

However, in a populist moment nominating a status quo candidate is folly. This is not unlike 1932, yes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a populist of sorts. I understand the panic from the current Democratic elites, but parties do change. We are in the midst of it. The party elite will only be able to hold off those changes for so long. There is a new generation of young Turks ready to take over. These elites were those young Turks at one point. And I believe that Sanders will emerge ahead out of the Super Tuesday contest, given where the polls were in both California and Texas.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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