Russians Lose Marines

Nadin Brzezinski
4 min readNov 6, 2022
Troop[ issues

This morning Russian channels are abuzz. And, of course, Yigal Levin picked on the chatter. It is significant because this means Russians are about to face another defeat. Here is the quote:

Russian semi-autonomous propagandists-”military correspondents” are already yelling at the top of their voices about the fact that the 155th and 40th brigades of the marines of the Pacific Fleet suffered huge losses when trying to storm Pavlovka, only 155th 300 people had irretrievable losses and half of the brigade equipment was burned .

All the blame is placed on the generals, they say, it is necessary to change. Only it is too late to change, such structural problems cannot be solved in a couple of months, it takes years. Which they don’t have.

Why does this matter? Russian bloggers start blaming the generals every time they face losses. Why? Generals are using world war two tactics with frontal assaults. Or is this the First World War?

Levin is correct, though. There is no way for Russians to correct the problems in the middle of a war. These are systemic. There is more. These are still some of the higher-quality troops they still have.

In the meantime, they continue to face mutinies among the mobilized. This is yet one more example of this:

Kazan. Another Mobilized Riot The mobilized at the training center protested because of the conditions in which they found themselves. They were given rusty machine guns, they were not provided with water and food, as well as at least some kind of heating in the form of firewood. The officer who came out to negotiate with the soldiers in response heard that he was a fag, and quickly ran away because of threats of violence.

Mind you; they are not angry at getting mobilized. They are so apolitical that they will happily go to war, but at least give them something useful to fight with. Anger will soon transfer inwards. With some of the nationalists, we are starting to see this. This is another account, not my usual one:

To me such to read humiliatingly, for example. AS WE BITCH ARE USED. To read this from some fucking Spaniards, whom our fathers turned on the dick, like the Romanians and Italians, and did not even consider them serious opponents.



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