Russia Acknowledges the Resistance, and are they Pulling Out?

Nadin Brzezinski
5 min readMay 6
Trucks on the way to Crimea, screen cap Telegram

So this afternoon, something big happened. Russia has admitted to ATESH, one of the resistance groups. It is an impressive post from RT Russia because, until now, they have been silent about this. Here is the post:

Killings of the wounded in hospitals, damage to military equipment: what is known about the Atesh paramilitary group, which claimed responsibility for the attempt on Zakhar Prilepin.

The movement claims to have infiltrated agents into the ranks of those mobilized last fall, and its members call themselves a “military movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.”

RT found out that the organization recruits contractors and mobilized from the military units of the Russian Federation, promising traitors payments in cryptocurrency. The site through which this happens is made on the Russian constructor Tilda. RT is preparing a request to the company about why the moderators missed a resource that is contrary to the law and their policies.

The recruits are given tasks to spoil military equipment: tanks, wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, MTLB all-terrain vehicles. Video instructions are distributed among the traitor soldiers on how to do this. When members of the movement succeed in achieving their terrorist goals, they make a post on the Telegram channel, which has been open since September 2022.

Of the most brutal actions of “Atesh” — finishing off the wounded soldiers in hospitals in the SMO zone. The organization claims that it allegedly has agents among nurses who helped infiltrate the Sevastopol Naval Clinical Hospital. On November 11, 2022, according to Atesh, in one night, terrorists killed several dozen soldiers who were in serious condition: they turned off ventilators, strangled patients who were unable to resist, and injected them with poison. There is no confirmation of this.

In addition, Atesh distributes the coordinates of the location of Russian army units in the public domain and calls for artillery strikes on them.

It is important to note that until today, Atesh was not widely known in Russia, so it cannot be ruled out that taking responsibility on their part is just a PR campaign against the backdrop of a terrorist attack.

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