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Robert Bowers’ Trump Hate in White Supremacy Context

First things first, Robert Bowers hates President Donald J. Trump. He denied voting for him. He said that he did not like him. This makes the job of the Trump sycophants easier. It is simple after all, we are told. He hates Trump, ergo he could not be acting on the words of the president. Just to add insult to injury, it is common sense, right. They are counting on a few things. Many Americans have a problem connecting a single individual to a movement beyond themselves. It is that rugged individualism after all. And since the man hated Trump, he could never, ever respond to the racist, fear-laced, bullhorns coming from the White House. Wrong, he did. He acted on fear of a phantom invasion.

I admit, at one point racists had to be far more careful with their language. These days, they get encouragement from not just the White House, but also some members of Congress. For example, Congressman Steve King from Iowa is no longer trying to hide it. He has given aid and confronts to racist views in the name of immigration. He even met with far-right Austrian nationalist. The organization that funded his European trip was a Holocaust memorial group. Let the irony wash over, since the Austrian far-right party has Nazi connections. According to the :

In an with a website associated with the party, King (R-Iowa) declared that “Western civilization is on the decline,” spoke of the replacement of white Europeans by immigrants and criticized Hungarian American financier George Soros, who has backed liberal groups around the world.

King spoke to the Unzensuriert site Aug. 24 in Vienna, a day after concluding a five-day journey to Jewish and Holocaust historical sites in Poland, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The trip, including airfare to and from Europe, was financed by From the Depths, an international nonprofit group that seeks to educate lawmakers about the Holocaust.

And there are others. Arthur Jones is running for an Illinois seat. According to :

In North Carolina, for example, GOP officials are stuck with Russell Walker, a white supremacist running for the state House of Representatives. According to his (littered with the n-word), he believes that “the jews are NOT semitic they are satanic as they all descend from Satan.”

What Walker says about Jews is not strange if you are familiar with white supremacy. Bellow I have a summary of some of the core believes of white supremacy.

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So back to the events of last week in general, and Bowers in particular. If you believe, as many Trump sycophants do, that Bowers hated Trump, case closed, you are making a serious mistake.

I know there is comfort in that. It is far easier to see these people, whether it is Bowers, or It’s Caesar Sayoc, or Gregory Bush as unique. We like to tell ourselves that. They exist in a bubble isolated from the country and chiefly from the words of our chief executive. Just like Like Dylan Roof, they are lone wolves. We can separate them from us, and make them the other. And there is irony in making them the other. After all, their attacks, hate and fear come from that place.

This is a comforting fantasy we tell each other. It is easier to deal with than the reality that some among us believe in very dangerous ideologies. It is healthier perhaps to think that these men are monsters. They are separate from any sense of humanity. They are the other. In other words, it is far easier to describe them as beyond the pale.

This is dangerous. However, American media has enabled this for years, partly because we do not want to confront these demons and this is why we find ourselves where we are. Bowers is hardly the first to act on his hate of Jews. Antisemitism is older than the country. Caesar Sayoc is hardly the first to send bombs in American history. Granted, he is the first in modern American history to do so. Bush attack on two older African Americans is also hardly unprecedented. What is unprecedented is that they were encouraged by words coming from the President of the United States.

The fact that three out of the four events happened in the same week should be a hint of where we are. None of these men and they tend to be men, are not outsiders, they are not monsters, they live among us. They are part of a movement that for the most part has kept its head down for years. It is a movement that most of the time is in the far fringes of American politics. However, the president encourages them.

So Bowers hates the president. So what? He is part of a movement that is having a very schizoid relationship with the president. Why? Trump has given them aid, confront and plenty of bull horns supporting them. He has encouraged them. He uses their language. He believes in at least some of the tenants of the movement. He is one of them.

But Bowers hated him because Trump is not pure enough. He is not radical enough, and he allowed his white daughter to marry Jarred Kushner and convert to Judaism. The president allowed his bloodline to be sullied by Jewish blood and in some ways is still controlled by Jews. That is why Bowers hated Trump. And yes, if you are still wondering, bloodlines matter to these people. It is part of the movement. So does skin color, and skull shapes. That is where the chants of “blood and soil” come from.

So let’s look at these three men in the context of a larger movement, and we need to do this because it is time to wake up from the illusion. However, do not let any of the president’s fans get away with what about, in this case, Louis Farrakhan. Incidentally, Louis Farrakhan is part of that deep antisemitic milieu that exists in the United States, however, due to melanin content, most of these white supremacists he could otherwise make common cause with will reject him. And yes, he should be given a cold shoulder as well. This cannot be tolerated. They need to be driven under the same rocks they have been hiding for decades, waiting to strike again.

White Supremacy

This is a driving principle for more Americans than you want to believe. In fact, institutionally we know whites have advantages due to the nature of their birth. For example, whites will have less trouble getting loans, will pay less for a car, etcetera. There are also other systemic items, such as the treatment of the legal system to people of color when it comes to whites. And even things like not growing a security tail at the mall. This is white privilege and it is not even questioned anymore. Many do see that at least some aspects of this have to change.

White supremacists believe that whites are better, period. Thankfully there are many factions in the movement. But there are some ideological points that are common across, whether it is the KKK, or the White Christian Identity movement, or the better dressed, more hip, members of the new right. On principle, I refuse to acknowledge their monicker for themselves since it is an attempt to clean this ideology up and make it more acceptable. Why you had people wearing khakis and white polos in Charlottesville. “Jews will not replace us, “ and “blood and soil” were oldies betraying their true intent.

So what do they believe in? Here is a list, that is hardly complete, but seeks to include most of the points of agreement.

* A belief that there are separate races, white, black, Asian and so on.

* A belief in the superiority of the white race.

* A belief that any cultural attainment, from art, to philosophy, to political systems were done by whites. I suppose if they could they’d include the rise of agriculture. So far, they have not been that brash.

* A belief that other races are inferior, and exist to serve whites. Some refer to blacks and brown people as mud people.

* A belief in the separation of the races.

* in many cases White supremacists believe that Jews control world history, seek the genocide of white people, and in the worst of cases are the incarnations of the devil. The example above of a politician espousing this is not out of the norm for this movement.

* Christ was white, and he was NOT Jewish.

* They are nationalists. They believe that white ethno-States should be established for whites to retreat to. They concede that they will need that since they do not want to live in multicultural societies. This is why nationalist language from this president is well-received in these circles.

* Multiculturalism is akin to suicide for white culture.

There are other core ideas that are part of some parts of the movement. But the above ones are common to most groups. This is why they see the president as one of them. This is why it does not matter if Bower’s hates Trump, or not. It is really immaterial if he voted for Trump or not. The message, the fear, that the president is spreading is resonating. It is also activating them, and in the case of Bowers it was the dehumanization campaign of people from Latin America in general, the proximal cause is the talk of a fantasy invasion.

All Bowers heard is that these people, are carrying disease and about to invade the country. This old canard was also used against Italians and the Irish. Incidentally, like Hondurans, they were seen as lesser humans. Animals to be precise, who were not really white people. Both groups have graduated to white status over the last one hundred years.


This is an essential component of this ideology. Some of it can be explained by status loss. Yes, whites are not going to be a majority by 2040. We are going to be a majority-minority nation, and that scares some people. However, white supremacy is much older than present ethnic trends.

The president knows this, and so do other politicians who traffic in this. So do people on Fox News like Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity. They believe in this, but they also know who they are playing for. Their audience is convinced that the world that was is disappearing. To be honest, the world is changing, all the time. They are part of a far-right media system that traffics in white supremacy and conspiracy theories. One that seeks to maintain and centralize power at all costs.

This is why the fear of the stranger and the creation of the other are essential. Building a wall to seal the country from invaders, or ending birthright citizenship (red meat to the white supremacist base) play so well. This is a group that feels it is under attack, and their way of life is under siege. This is why people like David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, and others in the movement were beyond pleased after Charlottesville. And it was not just on Twitter. Many social media platforms where they congregate had similar messages.

“There are good people on both sides.”

This was so loud that followers of the movement were happy. They also believe that Trump is a gift, and the last chance to secure their future. Mind you, what they define as their future and what you define as the future are not necessarily the same. If you visit certain armpits of the internet you will see it. They are both extremely pleased and at times annoyed as well with Trump. For the most part, they see him as an ally of their people and he speaks their language. Why? He is promising to do what they have wanted to be done for decades. They see him as the last chance to save what they believe in.

This is why this racial fear is essential. But so is antisemitism.

I put this in two different categories for a reason. Brown and black people can be controlled, they can be used. They can, if possible, be enslaved again. Jews, on the other hand, have to be destroyed. These people think that Jews will otherwise kill them, destroy them, and make them irrelevant.

Let’s be clear about the language used by many white supremacists. Jews are seen as a virus by these people, which is one reason for their disgust at Trump. Their justification is that they are purely defensive when they say they want to kill every last Jew. Why Bowers screamed what he did, and telling this to his attending physician, who was Jewish, is not abnormal in this context. He was convinced by the president and others in the far right that the caravans from Central America are a way to destroy his people. The fact that Jewish organization helps these immigrants is all the proof he needs. They are trying to kill him. And when the president engages in a language such as “I am a nationalist,” and “I am fighting globalists,” the code is very well understood.

And at this point, it is time to stop making excuses, for both Trump and these men. The president knows exactly what he is doing. The people who he activates, whether it is Bowers or Sayoc, are responding to this divisive language. We know, from people who know Trump, and his history, that he embraces this. He wanted the death penalty for five men did not do a thing decades ago. He refused to rent to others, in violation of federal law. In both cases, these were black people.

But his son in law is Jewish! If I could get a dime for every time I heard that I would have a healthy bank account. Jarred Kushner is blind, willfully so. I am being nice. So is Trump’s daughter Ivanka. They know who Trump is, but money trumps personal ethics or a long history of hate and division.

We have a president who traffics in hate and division, We have a group of people who adore him, and take all this for what it is. They are acting on it. Yet, even after last week, the president is still airing his grievances on Twitter and telling us how afraid we should be. He is even telling us tall tales that have no basis in reality. That is where we are. But his adoring fans still think he is going to make the country white again.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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