Remembering the Holocaust and the Present

First, this is important. I am a daughter of a Holocaust Survivor. I grew up with the Holocaust and the six million in the back of my head. Every year, having attended a Jewish School in Mexico, Remembrance Day was full of pomp, circumstance, and reading of names. These were the victims. And no, we would never get through the whole six million.

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Headstone Jewish Cemetery Knyshin, Poland. Personal Collection.


She was fifteen when I first met her. And Maria is not her real name. She escaped to Mexico from a small town in Guatemala, in the Maya Highlands. This was in 1984. She made it with her mother, however, her younger brother and her father were dead. Her story was not that unusual for a daughter of the Holocaust. I heard some of those stories growing up.

The Balkans and other genocides

While I do not have a personal history with it, what I saw was also the same pattern. People who were Muslim who were targeted for elimination, We saw camps, we saw mass starvation and we saw mass murder. The world, however, did not stand silent. Why? Likely the fact that it was happening in the Balkans, and last time we saw trouble there, we had a world war.

The Present

At the moment we are seeing the same patterns that lead to genocide from right-wing populists in Europe and the United States. We are seeing the same pattern of creating the other and classification of target populations. In the United States we see it with the anti-immigrant movement, which make no mistake, would love to remove brown people from the United States, And why not?

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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