QAnon as a Millenarian Cult

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Updated for some spelling mistakes, and also to point out that the goal post, the day the storm will come has moved. Now it is March 4, as expected. There are also some doubts starting on these online boards.

One thing to consider when looking at QAnnon is the deep religious flavor that it has. We are seeing an eschatology and a myth take shape. We see in the belief system a clear understanding of good versus evil, with of course the believers being always on the side of light. This is why demonic forces play such a critical role in mythology, and it has an end of the world vibe. This is the final battle, this is Armageddon

It has adopted a lot of Christian eschatology, including a world view where there is a war between Satan and God. We are in the midst of the most consequential battle, and the Deep State is on the side of the forces of darkness. This is not that different from the idea that God, and Jesus, are preparing for the final battle at Megido. Except that this time the battle will be in the United States, in DC to be specific.

After an assault on the Capitol, more people are starting to ask, what do they want? What is this storm they keep talking about? What is this ideology about? First, QAnon is the grand unification of all conspiracy theories. This is important because it has brought the country club Republicans together with the Tea Party Patriots and white nationalists. Sovereign Citizens, far-right elements, and religious fanatics of different stripes are also under that umbrella. Oh never mind that this has brought Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and non-believers under it as well, people who usually do not trust each other are working together. All believe the Storm is imminent. Never mind the grand unification theory of conspiracy is deeply anti-catholic, anti-Semitic, and racist. It still attracts people who should know better.

In some ways, the Tea Party was a proto-movement when this took shape. Some of the language about a deep state, and an illegitimate government, started under the Barack Obama administration, with some of the language continuing to this moment. The idea that we could be heading to civil war, is actually older, and in some ways, it reminds me of the 1990s and the militia movement. Thus this moment took form over a generation or more. As I like to quip, social unrest like we saw on January 6, or the summer at places like the Michigan statehouse, was not spontaneous.

So what is going on? Because this is not just poor working whites coming to the resistance because of economic reasons. In fact, when people fly to the insurrection in private jets, this kills that theory right there. Who is part of this very American cult? Anybody can be. That is the short answer All these disparate groups have come together under one banner. “Where We Go One, We Go All, WWG1WGA.” Some of the elements in the belief system of the cult set the stage for the Stop the Steal movement. This is important. Like the Open the State movements in the summer, or the Tea Party in the Obama years, this was not organic. There were forces driving the rise of these movements. In the case of Q, and partially the Tea Party before it, they share an eschatology of good and evil. This is why the election took on shades of the battle for Armageddon and many in the religious right saw Donald Trump as chosen and anointed by God to carry out a very specific mission. Cleaning the swamp was not just a figure of political speech. It was hunting for literal demons.

For years Q has told the faithful that Donald Trump was going to win a second term, by a landslide. For years he promised that Trump would order mass arrests, that never came. For years he told them that arrests had already taken place, and people the faithful believers know are part of the cabal were to be tried by military tribunals. In fact, now they are told by some that they were carried out. Trials happened, and Trump will lead a government in the shadows. Yes, it is that bizarre.

Dates have come and gone, and the goalposts keep moving. Millenarian cults always have signs of the end, and when it does not come, they just move.

The assault on the Capitol came from a president who manipulated these people for his own narcissistic needs. He won, and I predict he will believe this until he takes his last breath. During his last speech to be given as president, he spoke about how he won 75 million votes but forgot to acknowledge Joe Biden won more. The very small crowd seeing him off screaming stop the steal was not just on brand, but a message to his base. This is his persona that cannot be a loser, and he is a loser. This is why he incited a rebellion. His niece Mary told us why. His father Fred made it clear to Donald, the worst thing you can ever be is a loser.

So what exactly were the people assaulting the Capitol after? The most obvious was to prevent a peaceful transition of power. But it’s important to understand the ideology behind this since it will haunt the Biden administration for some time to come. Granted, while many QAnon fans are having a moment of cognitive dissonance, and perhaps can be reached and pulled out, there will be those who believe in the conspiracy until they die. Or will move to the next iteration because conspiracy has been with us from the beginning.

The Cabal

In the mythos, all Democrats are part of a secret society that sacrifices children to drink their blood. This why abortion matters to many in the conspiracy. To the initiated, this takes on a whole new level of morality, especially when combined with missing children. These people see this as a way for the enemy to remain young, by consuming the blood, and other substances.

This is a recycled blood libel, and started with Pizzagate. It is also internally consistent. If you knew that people were taking children from their families and killing them, liberating the children would make some sense. This is how they claim to be morally in the right. Add demons to this, and you have outrage directed at a powerful political elite that is not just stealing jobs and livelihood, and importing immigrants, but killing children. I repeat this because Puzzagate and demons are at the heart of this conspiracy.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is a member of the cabal, for example. So trying to find her, arrest, and execute her made sense, if you are inside that mythology. After all, they have been waiting for the military to do this for years, and no surprise to the rest of us, normies in the lexicon of this American underbelly, the military did not act. a few days after the assault, they were sure she already had been executed. It is bizarre when you read posts in places like 4Chan claiming that she has not been seen for days, when she is speaking on the Dais at the House, during the impeachment hearing. It is par for the curse, facts are ignored, while fantasies take over. As I write, there are people still trusting the plan.

This cabal, not surprisingly includes George Soros, all large banks, and their leaders, and most political leaders in the country. The status of Mitch McConnell goes back and forth depending on where they perceive him to be. Republicans in general can switch back and forth with ease. However, as of now, he is now part of the traitorous people who betrayed Q and the people.

This is where another recycled antisemitic propaganda piece comes in, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is why far-right ultra-orthodox Jews confuse the living daylights out of me, but this proves that anybody, and I mean anybody, can become part of the cult. This is also going to make it very easy for Q followers to move on to white supremacy. There is recruiting underway as I type.

Part of the mission in the Capitol was to capture and kill members of the House and Senate that were known, enemies. Some were after specific targets, others were after anybody who worked in the building. We were very lucky that we did not have a bloodbath. We owe a debt of gratitude to rank and file officers who held them back. The assault force had tactical plastic restraints, ropes, and gallows that were hastily built outside. They were not hiding their intent, one bit.

Officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood died, one from his injuries and another by suicide. Officer Eugene Goodman likely saved many lives by guiding the assault force away from the Senate.


The QAnon cult believes that the present government is illegitimate. To be honest, this grew out of the Tea Party and other movements and did not start with Q. In fact, the idea that the present American government is illegitimate has been on the fringes of American life for decades. Sovereign Citizens did not start with either Q or the Tea Party. They precede both by at least a few decades. Nor did white nationalists who talk of the present government as the Zionist Occupation Government.

For many, the storm is the second American Revolution and either a return to the original Constitution or a new one. Thus the revolution, the storm, is coming. And this is legitimate in their minds because this is a return to the original intent of the founding fathers. This comes in several flavors like everything with Q.

It ranges from a return to the original document with only the Bill of Rights. This means women lose their ability to vote. The 13th and 14th Amendments also go away. Most troubling, some in the movement believe slavery can come back. This is an example of this from Before it is News:

On Mon. 18 Jan. the US Republic would be restored to the original Constitution and return power to The People. To make that happen, the Mass Media and Internet would go offline while the Emergency Broadcast System was activated with messages from President Trump.

On Sunday 17 Jan the below was sent from a high up US Military Intel Contact:

“According to the latest schedule, everything will be exposed sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday night. The timer has been set for those two particular days. During that time the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) will be activated. President Trump will send out a message, “My fellow Americans, The Storm is Upon Us.”

“There will be seven presidential text messages sent from him via Air Force One following the message “The Storm is Upon Us.” That puts us under full global martial law.

“Via the EBS and on authorized devices, there will be an eight-hour video played three times a day for ten days straight. They contain video confessions of high profile elite individuals being exposed for their Crimes Against Humanity at their military tribunals.

This is a variant of the belief system that infected believers…the idea that the republic was replaced by a corporation, controlled by London after 1872 is pervasive. That was the first election that was highly contested, and the presidency of Rutherford B Hayes was seen as illegitimate. If you ask most of the believers, they have no idea where that comes from, but like everything else, it’s part of the catechism of Q.

They were positive that Trump would still be inaugurated, but now as the president of a restored Republic, in March. Exactly when presidents used to be inaugurated when horse and buggy was the way to get to DC. Mass arrests would occur around the world, and the cherry on top, we will see the imposition of global martial law

if you are laughing at this point, I understand. Some of this is bizarre. Some of these ideas lack any internal logic. I mean, they are against globalists, but we will see a global martial law, led by the US. Never ask for consistency, because you will be sorely disappointed. Some come from the nature of conspiracy thinking, and some from the collection of multiple belief systems onto one. What they all have in common is this Manichean belief in good and evil and a demon-haunted world. Most bizarre, some believe that the God-Emperor of Mankind, (a Warhammer 40 k creation, fiction) is on the golden throne, and it is Trump.

I suppose Khorne took over the world…

Millenarian System of Belief

The above section from Before it’s News will not come to pass. Joe Biden took the oath, and none of the people they believe are evil will be arrested. This will be just one more major prediction that comes and goes. The problem is how they react. To some in the cult, the storming of the Capitol already started the doubt process. They are seeing arrests, just not the people they believe should be arrested. While the GOP has endorsed a lot of the lies, they have not defended the assault. This is confusing and is creating enough of a rift for some true believers to start having some doubts.

By Friday more than a few will realize the conspiracy is a collection of fancy lies and fantasies. But this will hardly be all of them. This is a set of beliefs held with the force of end times millenarian thoughts. Some already are having these thoughts, and expressing where the true believers hang out on-line. This is a good thing. It will allow family and friends to reach out and start to deprogram them. Not having the cult leader communicating with the faithful on Twitter has also helped.

Not all believers have a deep case of cognitive dissonance. Instead, they will move the target of the great awakening to the next date. The day of the end of times will just change. This is already happening on the edges, and for some believers, this will just harden them. It is difficult to admit that you were wrong, and on this, people have dedicated not just time posting online. They have created alternate personas, and are dedicated to the new age. Evil is pervasive and obviously won…this time.

This brings me to the next aspect of this. This is taking the form of a new age religion, with articles of faith. This is a battle between light (the forces led by Trump and Q) and demons, such as the deep state. In this battle between light and dark, the failure of the predictions to come to pass will be explained by the strength of the enemy. For some, this battle is not just getting fought in the physical realm, but also in the great beyond. Yes, they are also into crystals, mediums, and remote viewing.

Entry points to the cult of Q come from multiple corners. Whether it is the health food, yoga-practicing corner of American life, or the gaming community. The latter has brought a lot of its language to the cult. It really matters not if these are nuns or Rabies. For that matter, doctors, lawyers, and accountants have bought into this. Reaching these people may be the easiest within 72 hours of the inauguration. What they believe in, and Q’s promises are not going to materialize. Doubt is building with some of the faithful, but the window is fairly short. Because the goalposts are already moving.

We know this from previous millenarian cults (and this one incorporates the Second Coming as well as the revelations of Armageddon in Judaism) that leaders move on to new targets. Trump has been de-platformed, and others likely will as well. But new leaders and new visions have the potential of taking over. Q, just like the Tea Party before it, will shift.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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