We woke up to the news that threats are growing at the capital. Why? Donald Trump is to become president tomorrow, as the 19th president of the Republic. This craziness comes from the Sovereign Citizen theory that the republic ended in 1872, and was replaced by a corporation. At times this corporation is run by the Vatican. Ergo, no presidency since 1872 has been legitimate.

This little dangerous idea was swept by QAnon and integrated into the mother of all conspiracies. Militias thinking of attacking the Capitol again is hardly surprising. They believe the January 6 events were a success. In a way, they are correct. This is why CPAC repeated the big lie. Why the former Vice President is repeating it. Mike Pence wants to get back in the fold, so this is a good way to do it.

Now, the militias are not stupid and the Guard has not left the Hill. So I do not expect them to go to town at the Hill. Though there are warnings to members of Congress from law enforcement. According to CBS News:

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI sent a joint intelligence bulletin to state and local law enforcement agencies late Tuesday warning that some domestic groups have “discussed plans to take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on or about” March 4, according to a senior law enforcement official who described the document to NBC News.

The bulletin, titled “National Capital Region Remains Attractive Target for Domestic Violent Extremists,” warned that “Domestic Violent Extremists” or “Militia Violent Extremists” were emboldened by the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and therefore pose a higher overall threat.

The bulletin said the militia violent extremists may “exploit public gatherings either formally organized or spontaneous to engage in violence,” according to the description of the document.

It also states that domestic violent extremists have a continued “perception of election fraud and other conspiracy theories associated with the presidential transition, which may contribute to (Domestic Violent Extremists) mobilizing to violence with little or no warning.”

I know that they were emboldened because I have seen that chatter in places like Telegram, 4Chan, and other places. They think that they sent a message that was strong, while at the same time claiming it was Antifa, or Black Lives Matter that actually engaged in an assault on the Capitol.

Well, they are at this again. It's an interesting game because if they should succeed, they will claim absolute victory over their enemy, that be the rest of the nation. At this point, they are busy already creating a narrative that this report is part of the Zionist Occupation Government plan to sully them. It is also a way to destroy the right to bear arms. This is a false flag predicated by fake news outfits. You should be aware of this, especially since come March 5, President Joe Biden will remain president, and Donald Trump will still be a former president.

The response to this story from The Sun in England was swift. They are already calling it fake, or a false flag. It is hardly accidental.

Realize, these people do not believe in democracy. Nor do they believe in a multicultural society. In fact, they are against all this. And it is exactly they who the Republican Party is increasingly trying to serve. Many of them are committed to an ethnostate, why they believe that Jews control the government, media, banking, and anything else they want to believe Jews control. This is why they call the present government a zionist occupation government (ZOG), that is run from Tel Aviv…never mind that the corporation is run from Rome.

If you are confused, its easy. QAnon has brought into the fold like every conspiracy under the sun. So both things can be possible under QANOn craziness. Suffice it to say, this is an authoritarian movement, hell-bent on short-circuiting American democracy. Some are very well armed and committed to it.

For the moment, the House has canceled the session in the morning. This is direct from their live updates:

The House scrapped plans for a Thursday session after security officials warned of a possible plot by an unnamed militant group to breach the Capitol. The decision to move up votes on legislation to Wednesday night came after officials warned of credible threats of violence circulated by right-wing extremists that March 4 is the “true Inauguration Day” when former president Donald Trump will be sworn in for a second term. The Senate plans to be in session Thursday.


What happens the day after? Well, you will have a small window to reach some QAnon followers who might have had enough. Unfortunately, the rest will double down, and move on to the next date. It is a cult after all.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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