“Putin is a killer.”

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readMar 1, 2024

The funeral in Moscow was exceptionally well attended. From the video the BBC Moscow service took, we are talking about thousands of people. From a few other details posted by others, we may be looking at ten thousand.

However, there were significant details at the burial. This was not just thousands of people surrounded by the police. There were moments when it became an antigovernment rally. Here is but an example:

— thousands of people are chanting this phrase as they head from the church to the cemetery where Alexei Navalny will be buried, ASTRA readers report.

There is more. I think though, this one via MO is more telling:

The funeral procession to the cemetery where Navalny is buried stretched for several kilometers.

The journey from the church to the cemetery will take more than half an hour, reports the MO correspondent. Most people were unable to get to the church for the funeral service, but hope to lay flowers on Navalny’s grave.

The march turned into a protest : the crowd shouted political slogans, accused Putin of killing Navalny, demanded the release of political prisoners. And they continue to shout: “Navalny! Navalny!”

Propagandists are indignant. “The farewell ceremony for Navalny nevertheless turned into a political manifestation. At…



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