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Photo credit: Gobierno de la República

A New President Takes Power in Mexico

There are moments in history that seem to be a turning point. For Mexico the transition of power between the government of Enrique Pena Nieto and Manuel Lopez Obrador may be one of those. The ceremony followed the mechanism that has happened for many decades. However, this time there was no violence. What we have is hope.

Economy and US

Regarding the economy, he promised transparency, the independence of the Central Bank, and that “there will be honesty, a legal state, clear rules, economic growth, and trust.”

Expansion of the social safety net.

He is also vowing to end some reforms, such as the educational reform, and the reform of the energy sector. He also said that they will not track the minimum wage under the rate of inflation. They will also hire two million three hundred thousand young people. While they are getting training and education they will receive $3,600 pesos per month. He wants to encourage everybody to get better educated.


There is a lot of hope with this change of government. Mexicans came out to the streets to celebrate the president to be. And in the evening the president is in the midst of the people in the Plaza Mayor downtown. He will be given the Staff of Command from the 68 original peoples of Mexico.

The Command Staff of the First People’s

The morning was the standard ceremony of the transfer of power. There were differences of course. The new president was escorted to the legislative palace in his own private Jetta. He was escorted by the city police, and the security cordon was violated a few times. Most remarkable was a cyclist that rode side by side talking with the new president, and told him he could not fail. AMLO added that detail to the end of his speech before Congress.

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