Or they have a series of situations where weight becomes sticky. I was there for close to two decades. And it was due to a med that is no longer in the market. The other side effect was death…So there is that. I have the electronic diaries going back five years. I have the exercise logs as well. Then there were stacks of paper logs.

You know what broke the stickiness? I have not changed how I eat…a gut biome change due to antibiotics for 30 days, damn persistent infection, and quite a few biotics. Granted, I am not longer hungry, due to that same change…so these days I track to make sure I eat enough.

This is ideology that only CICO and exercise work. Research into obesity tells us it’s actually more complex, and they are a small component of the equation. I recomend you read the article slowly, carefully. And then note what you are being told. Patients come to obesity doctors who are doing everything right…and they are either stuck, or gaining. This is not a medical miracle, or rare.

Hell, on a personal level I was enrolled in a bariatric program. When they said you need to lose five pounds I laughed. Because I was doing everything right and nope. It was not comming off.

So leave the preaching of this morality play for somebody who will care, or chiefly listen to you. There are stacks upon stacks of modern research that tells us…not so fast. We also know some of the problem is very likely American processed food…and that should be a scandal. It’s not that it’s processed, we ain’t unique in that respect…it’s what we use to preserve it.

I know there is a multi-billion industry that would come crashing down if the secret was out. There is another multi billion industry that needs to be brought to account. Both are connected at the hip

However, and this also matters. My diet is what I eat. It has very little to do with any insert flavor of the month diet here. If anything…it’s mostly Mediterranean in style. It’s been that for decades. So preach away. I will be over there on the corner having a good laugh.

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Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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