On the Scale

Nadin Brzezinski
5 min readJul 6, 2021

Most people who go on a weight loss program (do whatever works for you) have a problem with the scale. Partly you do the work, and you want immediate results. Let me paraphrase my Dietitian on this one. No matter what your present weight is, you did not get there overnight, don’t expect to shed it that way.

First, it is not healthy. Losing too fast can have serious medical consequences. Nor is it sustainable. You want to lose that weight for life. Nor are there any magical pills. You have to do the work.

This brings me to the scale. Most people have a very negative relationship with it. It’s the enemy. It makes or breaks the day, and people fear it. So here are some things to be said about weight loss.


As much as we would like it to be consistent, especially if you have lots to lose, weight loss will change from week to week, you may even gain some, even when you are “good.” What matters is the trend. If your weekly trend is overall down, that is good.

Yes, you might gain upwards of a couple of pounds in a day, and then lose them the next day. People tend to panic, and you should not. There is no way you gained an actual pound of weight in a day. You would need to eat 3200 extra calories, over the weight you need to maintain that weight, in order to gain an actual pound. It’s possible if you drink a lot of those calories, but not probable. If you keep a food diary, look at it closely and with a clear mind.

If you gained more than a pound it is even less likely.

Let’s be honest, if you lost the same exact pound, or two, you will smile.

What’s Going On?

Withings scale app showing the trend

Day to day what you see is statistical noise. My smart scale, which connects to my phone shows both the ups and downs and the overall trend. If that curve is stable, it means I am not losing or gaining. This is good news. If the curve is going down, it also shows that. If it starts going up, it’s time to see what is going on.

For the last three years, it has either gone down or stayed stable. It still shows noise. It goes up and down.

What causes this?

If you are a woman, your period will lead to inflammation and water retention. Weight can easily…

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