On Mobilization in Russia

Nadin Brzezinski
7 min readSep 22, 2022
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There will be no mobilization in Chechnya — Kadyrov

Mobilizing a country for war is not precisely an easy thing to do. It requires documents to generate lists. These are still paper documents in Russia at the local commissariat level. Why the resistance has been targeting them for months?

It will also require silly things like trucks to transport draftees from the recruitment station to the training center. Let’s dispense with the theory that there will be any basic training, more on this below. This piece came through Telegram this morning, and it’s telling on this logistics:

After partial mobilization was announced in Russia by Presidential Decree from 9 a.m. on September 21, the relevant orders of military commissar “On the announcement of partial mobilization” began to appear in different regions.

Many were surprised that these documents — and we have appropriate orders from Samara, Makhachkala, Tatarstan and Tver region — are similar to each other, as if made for carbon copy. However, it’s rather normal — that’s how a bureaucratic machine works, especially a military one.

The fifth paragraph of this order seemed more surprising to many:

- §5

“Heads of organizations, regardless of organizational and legal forms and forms of ownership, citizens — owners of vehicles, should deliver serviceable motor vehicles to ensure mobilization within the terms and points determined by narrowed meetings of municipalities.”

It is clear that this paragraph is regulated by the “Regulations on Military Transport Duty”, which is “an integral part of mobilization training and mobilization in Russia and consists in carrying out activities related to the accounting, advance training and provision of vehicles to troops, formations and bodies, as well as ensuring the operation of these vehicles”.

But in this, the “Regulations” defines when it begins to act — “during mobilization and in wartime”. And then the question arises: do we have wartime? No one seemed to have declared martial law. Does partial mobilization provide for a military transport obligation?

This is not said in the Presidential Decree, and Sergei Shoigu did not mention it…



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