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Driving into Old Town

So last Sunday my husband and I decided to document our empty streets. It was eery and scary. A city that is vibrant felt dead, even abandoned. Where was everybody? This is exactly what needs to happen in the age of Corona. Why we decided to go out and document this.

These photos are not unique. They exist from around the world. But this is my town and my haunt. They are empty, which gives this a very different feel.

On the way into Old Town, we drove by El Indio. This is a family-owned Mexican restaurant, and it is more like an institution. The place looks empty but we did not stop to see if they were open for delivery or take out.

This restaurant was open, but as you can see the seating area is closed. So they are only doing pick up. There is a customer likely ordering some.

Speaking about other institutions, the Cafe looks closed. This is a place that usually has lines out the door. At the height of business, you can wait upwards of an hour for a table. So this looks closed. We did not get out of the jeep either. We just drove by.

This is going into the area, and you can appreciate the lack of traffic. Usually, you cannot park anywhere. So this is remarkable.

Again, these are the empty streets. People are listening and staying off, which is good. And it will likely take time before life starts, and the keyword is to start, to go back to normal.

The main plaza is usually full of people, especially at the weekend. This feels odd and empty.

This is a good view of how empty the roads are. This is by the Restaurant Guadalajara. Usually there is quite a bit of traffic, but now it is just a line of paved road.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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