Nuclear Plant Attacked

Nadin Brzezinski
3 min readMar 4, 2022

Final update.

The plant is under Russian control. They are forcing the remaining operators to work at gun point.

And this is an update from Andrew Tuz talking to Anderson Cooper at CNN. It is a rough transcription.

Fire is in a building in the plant. Not in reactor building. This is per Andrew Tuz plant manager talking to cnn.

They were attacked by Russian ground and air forces. The plant is under Ukrainian control, but can revert into a nuclear accident.

Russians continue to open fire at unit one and two who have damage.

He is asking for a no fly zone to help them protect the plant. It is truly unclear what is the status, or if there is damage to two of the six units. If they stop getting electrical power, they literally could melt down.

I removed the previous update, because it adds to the confusion. Realize we are trying to find out what is happening in the middle of a war zone.

Here is a critical update from officials.

If things were not bizarre enough, they got downright dystopian. Russian forces opened fire on the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. This is in southern Ukraine and it is the largest nuclear plant in Europe.

It also provides for twenty-five percent of the power for the region. This is why the Russians see it as a target in their war against Ukraine.

The plant has six reactors and from reports, of which are very early, it was unit one. The unit was down for maintenance but was still fueled. From what we know Russian forces fired on responding firefighters, but in the end, “Firefighters were allowed to enter the territory of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia — regional military administration Chairman Oleksandr Starukh.” This is according to @OSINTUKRAINE

According to Jon B Wolfsthal, a nuclear policy analyst, this is not a pile reactor. These are water-cooled units, that will shut themselves down in an emergency.

They still need water and power to remain completely safe, but we will not see…

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