No, you missed it. NOT assigning any delegates to somebody who won a state, or two or three from each of those states is what is pretzel logic. For a hyper-partisan, this might be a very fine point. So go ahead and defend that, I am sure you will because it is “democratic.”

I expect you. At this point, you hate people pointing to you all the dirty poo that was carried out. The sad part is…that if the party did the right thing, and allowed those delegates to be assigned to Sanders, Clinton would probably have won anyway, but taken that argument from the activists, some of whom will NOT vote in 2020, either in the primaries, or the general election. Or they have left the Democrats forever and will vote the third party from now on. It is not about whether their party can win…for them, it’s about principle. And they see BOTH major parties as corrupt.

This is too complicated for you, I know.

Myself, I knew in 2000 that my vote does not really count the way I intended, if not earlier. The reasons are manifold, but I also knew that the American system is far from democratic. So I pretend to vote…someday it may count. This is not about one party or the other. Both have done things that suppress the votes, one more than the other, but historically they take turns in being worse.

Elites, which is an argument that you are not able to comprehend, coopt those who resist at every turn because power is what it is. Now if you do not mind I have better things to do than have a one-way discussion with a system defender. Because to be brutally honest, you do not listen. And I am tired of having these cyclical one-way conversations with you.

Historian by training. Former day to day reporter. Sometimes a geek who enjoys a good miniatures game.

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